Spotted possible mountain lion

8/5/12 @ approx 1:30am spotted what seemed to be a mountain lion crossing route 17 in Middletown close to Durham town line. Definitely not a coyote/dog nor a bobcat bc it had a long tail.


Cougars spotted Willington and Middletown

Family member have reported to me sightings of cougars on their properties by Country Club Road (May 2012 in lawn during Family gathering) in Middletown and also in Willington (Uncle and neighbor chased off their property June 2012).


Mountain lion in Middletown

There was a Mountain lion spotted by my neighbor over the weekend (Sunday early morning to be exact), between Bell Street and Boardman Lane. My neighbor is a very avid hunter and knows his animals. The farm next door (directly on Boardman) has lost several animals in recent weeks. She had called someone to come


Paw prints

Paw prints in Maromas section of Middletown on the banks of the CT River. They were 4 inches wide.Hiking along the river and noticed them back in Augest.