Sighting in Silver Sands State Park

I saw on this morning while walking my dogs. It was about 30 yards from the tall fence in between some brush on a deer path. It was watching us whipping its tail. I stopped and stared at it until it crouched down into the grass. My dogs went crazy and it was hard to


Tea Party Tail

I was on my way to church on a Saturday morning, early morning the first weekend in December 2003. I was coming down New Haven Avenue in Milford (from downtown to Woodmont) by the old Ship’s Wheel Restaurant location. Running across the street from the left side was a very large tan cat with a


Connecticut mountain lion ‘crossed US’ before death

Connecticut mountain lion ‘crossed US’ before death

A mountain lion killed on a road in the US state of Connecticut had walked halfway across the US before it died in June, scientists have said.


Sightings in Milford

There was a mountain lion killed in Milford, CT at around exit 55. The dead carcass is evidence that in fact there are mountain lions in CT. I’d like to see the sightings map updated to reflect this animal. The State DEP suggests this was an escaped pet but has produced no evidence of this.


Colin McEnroe Show: Are Wild Mountain Lions Back In Connecticut?

original post Most people want to believe there’s a breeding population of mountain lions spreading through parts of Connecticut and into New York’s Hudson Valley. People root for this to be the case. We want to believe that where we live is not completely tame – that there’s a whiff of wildness and mystery to


DEP Believes Dead Mountain Lion Was A Pet

The DEP believes that the mountain lion killed in Greenwich was a captive animal that escaped or was released. It is illegal for a private individual to keep a mountain lion in captivity in Connecticut, and the Environmental Conservation Police Division is conducting a criminal investigation into the matter.


Well, it is over

Well, its over. A picture of one in Greenwich, and up the road, one killed, also with pic in MIlford. Same one? The the question has been answered. THERE ARE MOUNTAIN LIONS IN CONNECTICUT…WITH PROOF. HOW they are here will have to be seen


MT lion killed by motorist in Milford CT Mountain Lion killed by motorist in Milford CT