Drove up about 100 feet from a young moutain lion

My husband this morning called me from Bennetts Bridge Road in Sandy Hook, CT – not far from our home – he was driving towards route 34 and there was a mountain lion on Bennetts Bridge walking across the street. Long tail about the size length wise of a 8 year old long tail the


Newtown Sighting.

Wife and I were driving home from some last minute shopping before Hurricane Irene on Saturday Aug 27th around 10:00AM when she spotted something off to the side of a driveway on 100 Acers rd. I stopped and backed up and it was still there. We both saw it from about 75 yards, in the


Newtown, CT

Driving northwards on Old Mill Road in Newtown/Sandy Hook, a cougar crossed the road in front of me and headed down the embankment towards Warner Pond. I was a few 100 ft away, but am positive it was a cougar.


Mt Liion brings down horse

Rumors in my barn in Newtown that a Mt. Lion brought down and killed a horse not too far from Newtown. They swear it was on the local news Sunday or Monday. 7/20/2011


May 3 2011 sighting in Newtown CT

Below is the email chain relating to my May 3, 2011 sighting… From: DEP Webmaster To: Mark Cc: “Hinsch, Elaine” Sent: Tue, May 3, 2011 12:30:59 PM Subject: RE: spotted cougar in Newtown Thank you for your e-mail. I am forwarding your message to the Bureau of Natural Resources. Naomi Davidson Webmaster CT Department of


Newtown Pond Brook Sighting 2009

July 19, 2009. Northern Newtown. I was driving north on Currituck Rd towards the intersection of Tower Rd and CT Rt 25 (near Brookfield). The stream, Pond Brook, goes under the road there. The giant Algonquin gas pipe line is 2 houses away. A mountain lion ran across the road. It was larger than any