Mountain Lion seen in NW corner of CT

My wife, Candy-Jo and I were driving on rt 22 south (Millerton, NY) when we saw a mountain lion. I made eye to eye contact about 8 feet away from him (her). It looked about 60-75 lbs. We turned the car around, it just slinked across the road. Never even looked spooked, as if it


1992 Cougar Sighting in Dover Plains, NY

Hello Bo and Steve, It was a pleasure to meet you both at the Sharon Ct. Audubon presentation on Sunday January 24th (Nature‚Äôs Perfect Predator- Mountain Lions in CT). My apologies for not being able to send my ‘sighting’ information sooner, but as promised… On a warm Sunday morning in the summer of 1992, I


possible CT picture on internet

Someone forwarded me an e-mail with pictures attached that were supposedly taken in Sharon, CT this past winter/spring. I wondered if anyone had sent it to you for verification. Since it shows a back yard with paths and outbuildings, the location could actually be authenticated, IF you could track down the origin of the e-mail


Corning NY – This is why my Wife refuses to go start my truck in the morning! (Updated)

This gives new meaning to the phrase “Honey would you go outside and warm up the truck for me.” These were taken this past weekend (1/03/2010) outside of Corning NY. Corning is just a little west of Binghamton out I86. The Elmira Star Gazette has had quite a few articles about sightings in the Pine


4-5 foot Cougar in Ledyard, CT

Mr. Brown writes: I saw a 4-5 foot ling grayish-brown cougar cross route 2 in Ledyard, CT at 11am on September 24, 2008 I was driving east from Norwich towards Mystic for lunch, the cat I estimate at 50 to 70lbs crossed less than 50′ in front of my car, clear sunny day, I was