Jogger found dead in Ridgefield woods

Last weekend the news reported that a 27 year husband and father went for an early Sunday morning jog along a trail in a heavily wooded area of Ridgefield and failed to return. A few days later it was reported that his body was found in a “brushy area” along the trail he was jogging.


West ln in ridgefield

This morning about 830am I saw what looked like a large cat, as I got closer I was convinced it was a mountain lion. It was one color no stripes or spots. I only wish I got a picture!


Canadian Linx sighting

Today I saw a pair of Canadian Lynx in my backyard in Ridgefield Ct, they came very close to the house running on my deck, then down toward the marsh / norwalk river apparently hunting.. beautiful animals great to see, I did get pictures but they were distant as it took me time to get


Mountain Lion in Ridgefield, CT

I saw a mountain lion yesterday, May 14, 2011 at around 5:30pm in the wooded part of my yard in Ridgefield, CT.. The local police and DEP said it was probably a bobcat but i do not think it was. It had a long tail, rounded ears, was tan in color and larger than a