Cougar/Mountain Lion in Sherman/ New Milford

Two years ago I saw a Mountain Lion / Cougar on Rte 37 in Sherman. It was fawn-colored, TALL, too tall to be anything else, long tail, jumped the road in two leaps, amazing to see… I was so surprised that I emergency-stopped the car on the side of the road… just in time to


Mountain Lion Sighting – Sherman/New Milford CT

1999 – At 5am I was driving down Bullymuck Road in New Milford, CT when I saw movement in the road up ahead. I assumed there were racoons crossing the road. Much to my surprise I came upon 3, yes 3, mountain lions within 2 feet of my headlights. They were as surprised as I


Sherman/Kent border

2 years ago in June (2010) I saw a mountain lion on a farm stalking something. I could hear a dog barking wildly and I yelled to spook it. It was across the street from a church and there was a lone horse (penned in)to the right of the house where the dog was barking!