Somers on 12/9/12

We live in Somers near Hall Hill Rd. Sunday night I was letting our dog out in the yard and saw in the bushes about 20′ from me a large “cat-like” animal. It was about 75-85 pounds. It looked at me and our dog, I picked up the dog, looked back over at the animal,


Mountain lion in Somers

Hi I have 50 acres wooded with a river we were trimming trees by the river and a mountain lion crossed the road about 20 feet from us. I am a wildlife rehabber in somers. definitely not a bobcat. long tail. He paused and looked at us then continued on his way casually


Somers sighting

Yesterday, 8/25/2012 at around 3 PM my wife was driving west on Rte190 (Main St) between Gulf Rd and Red House Kennels when a mountain lion loped across the road in front of her going from north to south. She saw it clearly and said the tail was very long. There is plenty of forest


Somers Sighting

July 18, 2011 – Somers, CT A mountain lion entered our backyard from the woods. I heard a crashing in the woods and thought it was a deer. When I looked to see the deer, I almost had a heart attack when a mountain lion leapt from the woods to the top of a pile