Mountain lion spotted in southbury ct

Spotted mountain lion on purchase brook rd in southbury 7/8/12 around 3pm


Young Mountain Lion while jogging

7/13/12 about 3pm I was jogging on the road but in a heavily wooden area. What I believe to be a young mountain lion jogged unto the road about 25 ft in front of me. It stayed on the road for about 25ft and darted down a rocky driveway. I was on Burr Rd between


Mountain Lion in Southbury

I just saw a large tawny colored cat (about the size of a medium to large dog) with a long full black tipped tail walk across my front yard and into the woods. Too big to be a house cat and definitely didn’t move like a dog. By the time I got outside with the


Multiple sightings in Southbury/Middlebury

2 years ago I end up face to face with Mountain Lion. I was working on my truck with garage door open. That thing came next to the doors and stared at me for a minute then walk away slowly. I am pretty sure he was considering attacking me but did choose not to. I


Saw Cougar in Southbury

Anonymous writes “My dog has been excited lately and sniffing hard at some places in yard. This afternoon around 3:30 I saw a cougar passing from the area of the koi pond across my yard border (about 150 feet) into the woods. My house is near a state park and area is heavily wooded. I