Sighting in Southington CT

Our neighbor told my wife today that she saw a mother and her cubs pass through our yard in the morning last week. Our neighbor said that the lioness was a big as a Labrador Retriever. She said she was certain it was a mountain lion based on the size, color and the fact that


Southington Sighting

Driving west on Interstate 84, between exits 32 and 31 in Southington Ct, what appeared to be a mountain lion crossed the highway heading to the east. Time: 9:05 PM. Date: June 5, 2012. A big animal, lower to the ground than a deer, with a tail. A mountain lion or a runnaway Golden Retreiver?


mountain lion hit on 691

i wanted to report a confirmed mountain lion strike on 691 in southington around 2200 this evening. I have known the tow truck driver for several years who responded. He and the state police confirmed this was a mountain lion. NOT a bobcat or deer. This is the second time in a few months that


In Southington

Friday July 15th at about 8:15pm. Talking on the phone and looking out the back door up near the orchards I observed what I thought was mountain lion, a little smaller than I would’ve expected but definitely not a bobcat. It stepped out of the woods and walked about 30 or so feet into the