Possible Mountain Lion Sunset Hill Rd Thompson, CT

I observed a reddish/white bib animal and wondered if a fox, with binnoculars realized it was a large cat. I called the Thompson, CT dog officer and learned I was the third resident in general area to report. Two weeks later, same time of day, same spot it was rolling on the gravel driveway enjoying


Possible Mountain Lion Sighting – Thompson

I believe I saw a Mountain Lion crossing West Thompson Rd in Thompson this afternoon while motorcycle riding. I noticed what I thougt to be a very large Cat, about as big as a medium sized dog, crossing the street about 75 yards in front of me. I slowed down to look at it as


Bobcat in Thompson

Great place to report sightings! Bobcat sightings have been frequent at my mom’s property in Thompson, CT – the animal has been within 10 feet of people – coming around the side of the house, while people have been sitting outside – just around the time of sunset. Bobcat just hurried on its way! Easily