Mountain Lion Sighting in Torrington

I saw a mountain lion cross in front of my car yesterday in Torrington, CT around 6:00pm… I initially saw it from a distance away as I was driving down the road and it was casually walking across the road. When I got closer it got spooked, turned around, went back across the road, but


Bobcat crosses Rt 183 in Torrington morning of 4-22-12

I had just turned left out of Greenwoods Rd, onto Rt 183 in the North end of Torrington, yesterday, Sun 4/22/12, around 9 am, when a Bobcat crossed the road about 50 ft in front of my car. I had no idea what it was at first, but with just a nub for a tail,


Mountain Lion in Torrington/Goshen

Jan ’12; 2 or 3 years ago, I believe it was fall time, early evening, I saw a mountain loin cross rt 4 between Torrington and Goshen. I live in Goshen and was on my way home from Torrington going up the rt 4 hill, when from the left side of the road a mountain


Mt. Lion – Torrington

I do believe they are here. I have seen one with my own eyes, most people I tell don’t believe me but I am an animal person and know the difference between a house cat, bob cat and mt.lion. It was 2 summers ago, I live in Torrington, Ct which is latch field county, I



I live off of mountain road in torrington. I heard today 9/11/11 that a cat killed “livestock” nearby. Has anyone heard firsthand that this is correct?


Mountain Lion in Torrington, CT

While walking my dog early one morning in a Torrington, CT industrial park I saw a mountain lion. We were walking up a hill and the mountain lion was crouched down on the road at the crest of the hill. I’ve spent time in the woods and have seen bobcats, coyotes, etc.. This WAS a


Torrington Mountain Lion

Torrington Mountain Lion

On July 13th, 2010 I was sitting in my living room and happened to look outside and saw what looked like a large dog in my back yard. Our yard backs up to a state forest. When I looked closer I realized this was not a dog but a wild animal. I went out onto