Wilton, CT sighting

Last year I heard Bill Betty speak at the Darien Nature Center. I haven’t thought about pumas much since I no longer have a gimpy 3-legged dog to let out at night. A couple days ago, about 4:30 pm I saw a mountain lion sprinting up the street in front of my house. Houses here


Wilton Bob Cats

We see Bob Cats regularly in our back yard- we live on Whipstick and our six acres is the northern border of Millstone farm. The other day I found some scat which was definitely not from a deer and too large to be from a small animal. I have several good pictures of the cat



I am an uneducated observer, but thought the sighting to be special enough to report. Today, aug 25, 2012 at 5pm, i saw a smallish wild cat run across Sharp Hill Road in Wilton. It had short but ample ears and a short tail. It’s legs were certainly longer than a house cat, and the


I know what I saw

About one month ago, driving on Hurlbutt Street in Wilton I saw a young cougar crossing the road as it leapt into the woods. After comparing what I saw and numerous photos on the web, I confirmed what I saw. This was not a bob cat as it’s tail was not “bobbed”. It was not


large cat in Redding (near Wilton)

Three of us witnessed a large cat (size of a Labrador retriever) with long thick tail, grayish tan in color walking along the bank of a swampy pond last night. Location is near Redding, Topstone Park. The same or similar cat has also been seen in the same area two other times in the past


Possible juvenile in Wilton

Possible juvenile in Wilton

OK. Here’s one hard to believe. But true… Yesterday (July 28, 2010) around 3 PM, my 18 yr old son and I were driving on Wolfpit Road in Wilton, nearly to the New Canaan border, when an animal ran out of the woods right in front of my car. Loping across the street – from