Mountain lion spotted in my back yard in Woodbury

mountain lion spotted in my back yard in Woodbury Ct.. Crouched under my hemlock trees, stalking my bird feeder area for squirrels and chipmunks. A beautiful animal. Although certain authorities tried to tell me what I had seen was a bobcat, lynx or coyote even, I know what I saw was a mountain lion and


Mountain lion in Woodbury

I saw a mountain lion here in my yard. It was crouched underneath my hemlock trees near my bird feeding area, stalking the squirrels and chipmunks. It was light tan in color and very smooth and clean looking. Its ears were a dead give away. Its face was like nothing I had ever imagined seeing


Mountain Lions & Panthers in Woodbury CT.

I have seen 4 different mountain lions in Woodbury over the past 2 years. The first sighting was in my backyard just before dusk. From about 100′ away, I saw a huge male panther that was dark gray with shades of black, he had an enormous head. It was no dog or coyote slinking along


Woodbury Siting

At dusk in the fall of 2010, working in my garden, I sensed someone looking at me, and looking up I saw a big cat watching me from 20′ away. It loped off into the woods slowly enough so that I could see it was longer than a bobcat, and its tail was almost as