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Moving to a new host, hopefully will not get hacked again.

Moved site to a new hosting company this week. Over the last few weeks we seem to have been getting hacked every few days. The hack consisted of a string of code added to some of our files, and that code would force mostly Internet Explorer users to redirect to different bad sites. I don’t think the hack was specifically targeted at, but instead was a server breach hurting many sites including ours.

The initial response from the hosting company was that the cause was probably bad code on our site, maybe a vulnerable wordpress plugin. Which didn’t really make sense, as many other sites that didn’t use wordpress were also compromised. In either case no matter what I have tried, nothing seem to have any effect, we got hacked again and again.

So hopefully moving to a new server will do the trick.

Website stats

last 30 days - from December 18 to January 18, 2012 has grown. In 2011 – 111,748 pages where viewed by 34,804 visitors.

All credit goes to our community. Thanks to you, the grassroots movement of your continued involvement and support, we will have an impact on survival and protection of these beautiful animals and education of citizens on dangers of an encounter.

We’re excited to see that so many credible eye witness accounts are coming in. We’re all here because we believe, that truth will be revealed soon.

Feb 21, 2010 – FRWA Event at the Old Well Tavern in Simsbury

The Farmington River Watershed Association is holding an indoor country fair fundraiser February 21 from 3-7 p.m. at the Old Well Tavern in Simsbury

Check out the Web site for details –

Feel free to promote the event – use share links below or email, or print this flyer and hand it out, post the flyer on your facebook page or in your office, anything at all!

The event will feature a great country artist – Nicole Frechette and her 5 piece band; beer donated by the Farmington River Brewery (proceeds of beer sales going to FRWA); and the Old Well Tavern is donating 1/2 of its hot dog, hamburger and french-fries-in-a-cup sales to FRWA. Come out and join 200 of your fellow river lovers for a boot-stomping great time! Let’s bring some southern sunshine into a late winter afternoon. Tickets are $15 per person. Please call the FRWA office (860-658-4442) to reserve tickets – as space is limited.

We are anticipating a huge crowd and are thrilled that – because of all of your kind efforts – we will have nearly 20 booths throughout our indoor country fair marketplace.

If you have any questions at all – or any suggestions – please do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks again for helping to make this event a real on-of-a-kind fundraiser – I can’t wait to see you all there!

Matthew Reichin

4-5 foot Cougar in Ledyard, CT

Mr. Brown writes:

I saw a 4-5 foot ling grayish-brown cougar cross route 2 in Ledyard, CT at 11am on September 24, 2008

I was driving east from Norwich towards Mystic for lunch, the cat I estimate at 50 to 70lbs crossed less than 50′ in front of my car, clear sunny day, I was able to see it from it’s entering the northern edge of the road till it climbed the bank and entered the brush, heading south, on my side of the road.

The tail seemed sorter than some pictured, yet it seemed to be sneaking and may have been holding it’s tail low down, between it’s legs so to speak. It looked like the tail would have measured 20 to 24 inches if extended to full length. Tail was thick in appearance approximately 2″ in diameter. Coat seemed dense, but not thick “winter” length as of yet. Tip of the tail seemed rounded not pointed.

The overall length of the cat including tail (if extended) appeared to be approximately 6′.

One other car, coming toward me must also have seen it, though the car was 50+ yards beyond the cat, my car is low and samll gray in color and I was just coming over a small rise.. so I feel the cat timed it’s crossing when little traffic was visible, smart kitty?

The local is heavy wooded area, some open fields and farms within a mile or two in both directions.

I was about 4 miles west of Foxwoods, an Indian reservation & casino…

I was surprised to see it at this time of day.

The Eastern Puma: A Management Failure!

In an unreleased 1995 paper, 2 New England wildlife biologists question the current distribution & actual status of native eastern pumas. they consider current management practices & research data by wildlife officials to be insufficient in order to address the “Forest Ghost” true identity status. they recommend the USF&WS assume leadership responsibilities in the controversy & misunderstandings between wildlife professionals & independent researchers, saying the agency should allow experienced and veteran lay researchers to have more field study authority since the majority of evidence collected by them over the last 50 years have been proven to substantiate a native puma residency & sign.