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4-5 foot Cougar in Ledyard, CT

Mr. Brown writes:

I saw a 4-5 foot ling grayish-brown cougar cross route 2 in Ledyard, CT at 11am on September 24, 2008

I was driving east from Norwich towards Mystic for lunch, the cat I estimate at 50 to 70lbs crossed less than 50′ in front of my car, clear sunny day, I was able to see it from it’s entering the northern edge of the road till it climbed the bank and entered the brush, heading south, on my side of the road.

The tail seemed sorter than some pictured, yet it seemed to be sneaking and may have been holding it’s tail low down, between it’s legs so to speak. It looked like the tail would have measured 20 to 24 inches if extended to full length. Tail was thick in appearance approximately 2″ in diameter. Coat seemed dense, but not thick “winter” length as of yet. Tip of the tail seemed rounded not pointed.

The overall length of the cat including tail (if extended) appeared to be approximately 6′.

One other car, coming toward me must also have seen it, though the car was 50+ yards beyond the cat, my car is low and samll gray in color and I was just coming over a small rise.. so I feel the cat timed it’s crossing when little traffic was visible, smart kitty?

The local is heavy wooded area, some open fields and farms within a mile or two in both directions.

I was about 4 miles west of Foxwoods, an Indian reservation & casino…

I was surprised to see it at this time of day.