1. CML

    You do know that Mountain lions are twice that size?

  2. neil minto

    you are probably correct, bobcats are small felines about 2 or 3 times the size of a normal housecat and have very noticeable markings and fur. It sounds like a true ” big cat ” sighting. Keep your animals in at night and watch them closely at the woods edge during the day. Good Luck

  3. Colleen Mrowka

    I live in Cheshire and saw an extremely large grayish brown “cat” cross the street directly in front of me on Cornwall Avenue in Cheshire, while I was driving to work. It was 7:50 am on a dreary rainy morning. It was very large, very fit and muscular, looked like a panther, and was actually magnificent. It had a long tail. I have seen bobcats also, and this was no bobcat. I would bet anything it was a mountain lion-Was driving so didn’t have my phone/camera out.

  4. Carolyn

    You did see a mountain lion. I used to live near route 322 in Cheshire (other side of 691, near Southington) and I saw one clear as day from its golden head to its long thick tail in the woods behind the Birch Drive neighborhood. It was walking along the ATV path that goes along the Quinnipiac River. I have seen mountain lions before in other places and had seen this one’s tracks before I spotted the actual animal a few years later. The one I saw looked to be about 200 lbs, healthy, fur like a golden retriever’s. This was in January. Usually in the late summer/early fall they look brownish-grayish, like the deer they eat. I called animal control and left a message for Officer Leiler, no response. I called again and was told that mountain lions are “not officially recognized in Connecticut”. They wouldn’t even come and look unless I gave them a sample of scat, and no way I was going back into that woods! This was back in 2003.

    • weather01089

      Next time, get pictures of the tracks please! I know its not easy, trust me, we are trying too.

  5. joe cashman

    I have seen mountain lions on two occasions in Cornwall, CT. I lived there for several years and twice saw an animal exactly matching the description in this article. DEP have long poo pooed the idea of mountain lions in Connecticut, but I saw what I saw and I’m not the only one.

  6. Douglas Peary

    My wife and me were visiting at 55 Sperry road today 3/19/17 in Bethany, where it backs up to the water company Property. two large graysh brown, long tail cats, bigger than Bobcats or Lynx and slightly smaller than a mountain lion, but built like a mountain lion came into the back yard, walking in full sight. the went into the edge of the woods and hung out for up to a half hour. I was raised in Northern Maine and have hunted and read outdoor magazines 60 years. I have also seen bobcats and Lynx in the wild and in zoos and on television. I know the difference and I have never seen this animal today, before in CT.


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