1. somersguy

    Please post the pictures.

  2. JohnP

    Does sound interesting. Are you able to post or send the pics by email for a closer look? I would be willing to set up a remote trail camera to try and get a video for clarification.


  3. Deirdre

    Pictures have just been sent to the site to post

  4. Morgan Johnston

    My family owned a house on Botsford Hill Rd. in Roxbury Ct. Between 1992 to 1995 the house had not been used or rented and my dad and I went to do some work on it. At the bottom of the property was an old apple tree and when we went out on the porch we saw a mountain lion under that tree. This cat had a 4 ft tail. The cat turned and looked at us without any fear whatsoever, turned back and launched into the woods. I believe the cat was comfortable on that part of the property – when humans came back the cat never returned – or more likely we never saw it because it wasn’t a full time residence.

  5. somersguy

    Could you see his tail? I don’t see a long tail in the pics. His ears look like a lion in the sense that bobcat ears often appear taller and stand up straighter. That could be either type based on the photos, but the tail would answer the question as to bobcat or lion.

    Also, was a he a nice, smooth tan color or did he have some spots and multi colored fur?

  6. Leon Phelps

    Almost looks like a lynx

  7. darcy

    Where in Roxbury?
    The TAIL is the KEY.
    I can’t quite see it, but it definitely looks mt. lion, not bobcat.

  8. CML

    I am so happy someone finally took a photo!!! Unfortunately this looks exactly like a bob cat. It is a big on.

  9. Sue

    I think it’s a cougar. No way a Bobcat. My sister and a paper girl saw the same thing. The one they saw had spots, long tail,and stood way taller than a Bobcat. My sister said if the paper girl didn’t see it then probably no one would believe her. When people hear that it has spots they say “Oh a Bobcat” You know when you see a cougar. This was in Meriden. I believe there is a variety of cougar that has spots from the west.

  10. Chuck Robbins

    My wife, Candy-Jo and I were driving on rt 22 south (Millerton, NY) when we saw a mountain lion. I made eye to eye contact about 8 feet away from him (her). It looked about 60-75 lbs. We turned the car around, it just slinked across the road. Never even looked spooked, as if it had made contact with a human before. I have seen many bobcat before, including large ones. This was not a bobcat. Huge tail and a huge head. I often go mountain biking alone in the Berkshires, and now I am scares to death of running into one on a trail.


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