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  1. Brian

    I live in Chaplin ( happily surrounded by both the Goodwin & Natchaug State Forests, as well as a couple houses away from the Natchaug River).
    Last summer (2016) my wife and I were driving towards Storrs (just past Rte 89 and the Mount Hope River) and were 98% confident that we saw a juvenile /young cougar cross the road ahead of us. It was too far and too quick to get a pic but both noted its long tail and ability to bound across the street.
    I have spoken to hunters, as well as local farmers who has seen tracks or large cats, too.
    About 4 years ago a neighbor down the street saw a cougar along the Natchaug River bank grooming and basking in the sun. She noted it was much larger than her golden retriever.
    The abundance of state forests, rivers and deer population near here would seem to be an ideal habitat. I feel it’s just a matter of time before there’s proof in the pudding.
    Happy trails,


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