1. Greg Lovely

    I lived in Easton, CT for several years and one of the things that I loved the most was the abundance and variety of wildlife that I would see almost on a daily basis. I lived on rte 136 over towards Union Cemetery. It is very rural in that area and most of my neighbors had farms and horses. One day I was walking with my 2 Doberman and right in front of me a mountain lion LARGER than my bigger doberman (130 lbs) darts across my field and leaped across a footbridge that crosses a creek. The planks of the bridge bounced and rattled at the bounding weight of the creature. He was light tan and had a very long tail with a brown tip at the end. I called the Easton Police once I got inside. It was really quite funny, the Easton police were always very friendly and polite. This time they sort of chuckled and said “Yanno, we don’t get them kinda things up in these parts”. I insisted further and told them I just wanted them to be aware of what was around for safety sake. They thanked me and practically hung up on me. Go figure! They ARE around.

  2. Lisa

    I live on Georges hill in Newtown that connects to pond brook in Newtown Ct. The old railroad bed runs along our property and all behind it, A lot of people walk, jog and horse back ride this railroad bed. Our FIRST SITING We saw a black panther type cat about 4 yrs ago running across neighbors farm, DURING A BLIZZARD, it jumped over a farm gate, we got dressed to go check out the tracks, it was at least 15 ft jump, large paw pads. Of course none of the neighbors believed it. We had these killings that were going on out in our back yard which is also the forest and the old shawpaug railroad, we thought it was coyotes until we saw a very large bobcat over 100 lbs, he was a dark grey, this was summer of 2009. Then summer 2010 end of july around 430 in the afternoon, my brother and wife came to my house, waiting in driveway for me and saw, a bobcat same size with 4 cubs. Then WE RELIZED the killings were bobcats, until we saw LARGER PRINTS, ones the size of a man’s hand, cystal clear in the mud in our yard, started seeing them over and over. When the killings took place, we relized and WE KNEW it was a large cat, you could hear everything, before it happened, during the process, we got a baby monitor after that and everything we thought we heard even clearer. Throughout all this time, we called the local warden, pretty much didnt care. Summer 2011, large cat, at first glance looked like a lynx but had round ears, no points, color of a mountain lion, tail had the markings of a lynx, but the tail was almost 2 feet long, it kinda looked like a mountain lion mixed with a lynx, pure muscle, over 100 lbs easy. I have had incidents of feeling of being stalked, we have found numerous prints, it was in my vehicle, left prints and hair samples. I have pictures of a very large cat, which is not the bobcat or the lynx, i believe its a mountain lion, laying in the sand, i called the warden they told me to get use to the big cats or move. Snow storm Oct 2011 large paw prints in snow size of a mans hand, no doubt it is a cougar, it killed all the baby deer on the farm next door and left body parts in my yard. Other neighbors have also seen the bob cat and the lynx.


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