1. Diane

    eeegads! I am on 156 the otherside of the black hall golf course, have loads of deer(babies as well), chucks, and a couple of baby foxes..I hike alot around here, thanks for the heads up, can you email me and tell me which part of mile creek you saw the cat? Thanks

  2. Annette Hubbard

    On August 14, reported to DEP and Old Lyme PD…who both said they would send someone out, which we hadn’t heard anything from anyone. My husband and I were on our way home around 5:30/6:00 and we saw a mountain lion cross the street on Mile Creek by Chestnut Hill. We tried speeding up to get a better look but it ran into the woods.
    Today, August 25, my neighbor called to tell me that he found a 1/2 eaten deer near his house. He called DEP as well. We haven’t heard anything about them coming out.
    I’m glad we’re not the only ones who reported it.

    • Joe Carp

      Hi Annette,
      I live off of chestnut hill and my neighbor thinks she may have seen something moving along the edge of the woods in my back yard. With 2 little ones at home, I will assume its a cougar and act accordingly until someone tells me otherwise. The good news is, if the deer is still fresh and there’s meat left, the mountain lion won’t be hunting. Is the carcass still around?May be worth taking a look. If it was a mountain lion that killed it, it’s neck will be broken and there will probably be puncture wounds on the skull (sorry for the graphic details, but that’s what I would look for). Thanks for sharing!


      • Annette Hubbard

        I’m afraid to let kids outside to play until I hear anything back. I’m not sure what the carcass looked like, I will have to call my neighbor back and see if he took a good look at it. I understand there is a quarry behind his house, I would guess that would be where the mountain lion would be styaing…lots of water and hiding places.
        I noticed lately that there are usually 2 deer that travel through our yard together and 2 days ago, 1 was by itself.
        I’m not sure why nobody takes it seriously….I think they would want to take care of anything now before it attacks a person!

        • Christiane

          They have a very large territory. It’s less likely that he/she hangs around your backyard for days:
          “Estimates of territory sizes vary greatly. Canadian Geographic reports large male territories of 150 to 1000 square kilometers (58 to 386 sq mi) with female ranges half the size.[47] Other research suggests a much smaller lower limit of 25 km2 (10 sq mi) but an even greater upper limit of 1300 km2 (500 sq mi) for males.[53] In the United States, very large ranges have been reported in Texas and the Black Hills of the northern Great Plains, in excess of 775 km2 (300 sq mi).”

          As I posted before, I had a mountain lion in my yard. This was a one time thing.

          Don’t worry!!!

    • Diane

      thanks for telling your story to, I am on 156 , haven’t seen anything, (tho I would love to see one but not be ‘surprised’ by one!) I think reporting it to DEEP/cops here in town is fruitless, they don’t want to acknowledge it:( I have quite a herd of deer than hang out behind my house (I abutt the black hall country club) was missing a baby deer or so I thought, but he/she showed up yesterday.. It really doesn’t surprise me they are around, deer are abundant, lots of woods, there was a moose on Beaver Brook Road in Lyme last week as well

  3. Nick

    Was so interested by this sighting, took a detour today on my I-95 travel through CT that I went to the reported intersection in Old Lyme. Saw some deer, but unfortunately no mountain lion. 🙁

  4. Lauri

    Sept. 1st, around 7:00 PM, getting off exit 72, (Rocy Neck connector)My husband and I spotted a large cat standing in the middle of the exit ramp. It quickly disappeared into the brush. It was about 40 lbs. and 24 inches high.

  5. andrea

    Just an fyi: I live in Washington, CT, and the local animal control officers have said that they are the ones to call now. The DEEP won’t do anything, but animal control will come out and take a look, and maybe find some evidence.

  6. Christopher George

    As people may already know this was the mountain lion that was most likely the one that met his tragic and most un-noble end on the merit parkway. However the DEP will tell you that what you saw was not a big cat,(Puma, Catamount, Cougar, ect..) apparently we as grown adults do not know how to tell the difference. It was your mind playing tricks on you, the way the light was refracting from the shade, yadayadayadaa. Well here we are in 5/28/2015 and today East Lyme Ct public safety issued a warning about a sighting at the corner of Fairhaven rd and West main st. Keep in mind these cats have a territorial range of over 300 square miles. keep your eyes peeled and those cameras ready. If you do happen to be lucky enough to get a photo of a cougar in Ct, make sure you make copies when you rub it into the DEP’s face.


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