1. CML

    No person has been approached in Connecticut has ever been attacked by any large cat. Tell your mom not to worry about it. By the way there are no black mountain lions.

  2. CML

    By the way fisher cats are black and are a lot more aggressive. Sounds like that is hat you may have seen.

  3. Laurie Costa

    Thx. 4 dispelling the “Mtn. Lions=danger/attack myth. Why don’t people fear/question the suburban sprawl/overdevelopment that destroys the habitats ofMtn Lions, bears, etc. ? This reality is what’s truly horrifying. BTW, someone in our area said he would shoot a ML if it came anywhere his kids happened 2 B!

  4. Kim

    I saw a mountain lion in Washington, CT about 15 years ago. Yes, fawn color about 4 ft long with a long tail. It was crossing road around MT. Tom.
    I live in Winchester center and yesterday my neighbor called and said there was one sitting on my stone wall in front of our fields and house. I saw one in my fild last summer. Yes, there are mountian lions in CT but as soon as you call DEP, they deny it. Strange?? and Why? They are dangerous and the public should have the right to know the truth from our paid public officials.


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