1. James Guerin

    On March 10th, 2012 I was driving to CT Sports Arena in New Milford, CT for an overnight softball tournament (yes, it was a long night and morning). While passing through Brookfield CT on Route 25 at 10pm, I encountered an animal crossing the road. It was dark and about 40 yards away, but the outline of the animal in my headlights moved with the swiftness and mannerisms of a cat… a very large cat. As I got closer to the area where it when into the woods… I caught it walking away and suddenly turn it’s head back towards me as if it knew I was watching. That’s when I saw the eyes… the distinct eyes of a cat in the nighttime. I admit, it wasn’t a very clean sighting, but based on the movement, size, and, with it’s final turn around to look at me while I drove by, the smugness of a cat, I believe that I caught a quite glimpse of a mountain lion’s evening stroll.

    So I jumped online to search, for the first time, if there were mountain lions in CT, as I hadn’t heard anything in the news recently, and I came upon your recent post. Seems like pretty good timing to me.

    • Lucia

      James, a few years ago I saw a mountain lion, very clearly, crossing Grays Bridge Road near the United Jewish Cemetery. It was summertime, around 7:00 p.m., very clear weather. It stopped in the middle of the road, I was about 25 feet from it and I stopped too. It looked at me for a moment and then jumped over the guardrail on the opposite side of the cemetery and ran away. It happened quickly, but it was definitely a mountain lion. Every time I pass that spot I wonder where it is now.


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