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  1. Steve

    Just moved to Woodstock Valley this summer. I saw a mountain lion laying in the road on Barlow Cemetery Road sunbathing this past July. As my car approached, the lion got up and walked eastward into the woods. Two months later as I was coming home down Route 198 late at night, a mountain lion ran across the road just south of the road into Camp Woodstock. Last week another mountain lion was in our back yard standing at the corner of our barn. It turned and ran behind the barn and into the field. Outside of Woodstock, the first part of September my wife and I saw a black puma in Putnam coming down a tree limb next to an abandoned building along Providence Road. We were shocked and concerned since the location was next to apartments where young children play. There is a river and pond at the rear of the culdesac. I hope my sightings are isolated and not a regular occurrence because if it’s the norm, people need to watch out.


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