The evidence of Mountain Lions in the Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts Area:


Track - Tilt removed
Track – Tilt removed
photo 3
Deer Kill Canton, CT Cantondeer1 Cantondeer2 Cantondeer5 cantondeer8


  1. mary

    Its been about 30 hours since I saw one in my rear woods. I did not get a photo. Is there anything I can do to gather (or attempt to gather) “evidence”?

    • weather01089

      Yes get pictures, as many as possible, and send them to the contact email on the page. Sorry if there was a delay we are all doing field work.

    • PAUL

      I saw a feline run across the road just below my house. I stopped and shined on it with my flash light. It looked to be upwards of 25-30 lbs, and had a tail the length of its body. In the afternoon I stopped and looked for prints. Sure enough there were prints but melted a little. I did find Scat that I have in a glove, and might check to be tested for what it may be. Can anyone help me to get this tested ? I can send pictures to where ever might help, too.

  2. Robert Larocque

    We found a dead deer in this same condition with the stomach chewed out on a trail this past winter 2013-14 at Stepping Stone Falls/Ben Utter in West Greenwich.

    • weather01089

      Other animals do this, but mountain lions have a number of ways they normally will attack and feed. Get pictures, of everything. Many times other animals will scavenge soon after and ruin evidence.

  3. ChatCat

    To the person who is censoring the posts on this sight. Have you ever heard of free speech? Why do you Censor posts at all? this should be a open place where there are open discussions. Only allowing posts that you agree with is just not right!

    • weather01089

      Sorry this is not a public owned board, its run by a private group.
      If you post something inflammatory, you will get moderated. I think your past record speaks for itself.

      • ChatCat

        Not agreeing with you is NOT inflammatory. My last post was a question asking where is the evidence. If you cant handle honest questions then you are really not being fair to the public.

        • weather01089

          When you go on a page where there is obvious evidence and say “where is the evidence”, that’s
          inflammatory. Look at your previous posts. By the way, you stand as the ONLY person ever except
          spam to be moderated out. The evidence on that page has been confirmed by some of the worlds best
          cougar experts. If you made a comment like “item 2 is not good evidence because….” it certainly would
          have not been moderated. But if you simply put out junk like that with no backing, you are going to get moderated.

          • ChatCat

            Well how does someone who just sees a few very odd grouping of images that has a headline Evidence supposed to know what the heck your talking about? Just looks like a bunch of random photos. Especially the one on the top with the very poorly Photoshopped image. Wow that looks suspect? So why don’t you explain those random photos if you want people to know they are credible?
            This will be my last post also. NO I am not a believer yet I continue to come here seeing if you will ever find any concrete evidence and NO you have not gathered any real concrete proof or one photo. How many years have you been trying? Good luck!

          • weather01089

            Photoshopped? one picture from Spencer was sharpness enhanced since it was taken on a phone with a very low res camera. Other than that, NO details have been modified. The superimposed cats were put there to scale based on careful onsite measurements that allowed determination of the size of the cat. Well, all that kind of went out the window when one was hit on the highway in 2011 wasn’t it? They had the same issue in Michigan getting “evidence”, because its hard to find. These cats are the best in the world at being elusive. Until they flooded the areas with cams, and finally got lucky and got a photo. Turns out there are over a dozen roaming the area. Yes the area where just a few months before, the hunting people were saying exactly what you are saying. Namely “they can’t be here, we are all over the woods and never saw one”. Well difference out here, the hunters ARE seeing them. One wrote a book about his encounters in Western MA form 1948 to 1956. Glad you are interested, feel free to keep checking.

          • Ryan

            What is the name of the book written about Western Mass?

          • weather01089

            Title is “The Big Cats of Western Massachusetts”, by Pomeroy. The Blandford, MA Historical Society has copies they will give you for a donation. The descendants of him are members. Pomeroy was a well known tracker that tracked bobcats with his dogs. He on several occasions had the dogs accidentally move to one of the tracks left by the “big cats”. It was and still is a well known fact that the cats are occasionally around Western Massachusetts. They are being reported in the exact same areas today as then. Its his “journal” of his encounters with them.

  4. John

    The picture of a black cat walking in the lush green field is of a silhouetted bobcat. The short tail and cheek ruffs are very apparent.

    • weather01089

      There were a few views of that cat, and the tail is curved away from view. The body proportions don’t match up well with a bobcat. Its a LONG cat. We went onsite and put our “cardboard kat” in the same spot, and determined its actually a pretty large animal. There do appear to be cheek ruffs, but they are pretty inconclusive. This cat, or possibly another, was seen the following week in the towns west of where this picture was taken by two different jurisdiction policemen. Their description of the cat put it over 150 lbs, and definitely not a bobcat. A resident almost hit it on her way to work on one night. Because the features on this picture can and have been interpreted differently, its not a good verification. Note however that the tail sweeps away from the view, and it apparently has a good sized diameter. Doesn’t curl up like a typical bobcat either. BUT, the face and cheeks do hint at bobcat, so inconclusive it stays for now. Coyotes, deer, and a cow were attacked in the adjacent towns.

  5. C. J. Schad

    I too saw a cougar on the evening of August 7, 2014 at about 5:45pm. My girlfriend and I were driving up to Burlington center to pick up our Chinese dinner order. As we made a right turn from Hunters Crossing on to Barberry we saw a mountain lion walking down a driveway on to Barberry; about 50 ft in front of us. When it saw our car it turned around and ran back up the driveway. I turned into the drive to follow it. I caught another glimpse of it on the side of the drive, but by the time I had turned the car around at the top of the drive it had disappeared. The sighting was unmistakable as we clearly saw the cat’s profile – it’s head, body, legs and tail. It was between 60 – 80 lbs. and was definitely not a misidentified bobcat or coyote or large house cat.

  6. Anya

    Hello! The 5th picture in (cat walking in green grass) is a bobcat. I work for big cat conservation and am educated on species of lesser wild cats, so I can say this with confidence. It has cheek fluff and stripes/spots on its face. The ears are pointy, unlike the rounded ears of a mountain lion. The facial structure resembles more of a lynx/bobcat than a cougar. The body proportions, as well, match up more with a bobcat.

    If there were photos of it at more angles, it’d be easier to judge. But here’s what I’m talking about:


    Oh, and I’d like to mention that bobcats kill sheep and goat, so maybe it’s possible for them to hunt doe. They’re very opportunistic hunters.

    My two big cat blogs are ccaracal.tumblr.com and big-cat-network.tumblr.com, in case you are interested. Have a nice day!

    • weather01089

      Well we all have seen numerous bobcats up here. Keep in mind this cat was size-determined using a cardboard cat at the same spot. It also walked right in front of a parked police vehicle with the policeman inside! He said it was “over the bumper high” of the SUV, and with tail, longer than the SUV was wide. It also attacked and killed a cow. Hard to believe a bobcat did that. The face does look somewhat bobcat, but the body length is too long in proportion. Its also far too big, unless we have an unusual bobcat running around. There are quite of few being seen though in recent years. It hasn’t been seen recently but lets see what the future brings.

  7. Shirley Sutton

    Where is the kill site? My concern is the lack of covering on this kill. Cats will cover their food. Unfortunately most if the track pictures are without a scale indicator. I’m not doubting big cats in the area, but am doubting this as evidence.

    • weather01089

      Cats will MOST of the time, but inclement weather, approaching people, and other factors often cause them to eat and run. Other secondary scavengers will uncover them and drag them around also. With snow cover, leaves and other items are not easy to get to cover a kill with. Do you have a lot of experience with these kill sites?? You cannot generalize like that, there are no two alike. There are other factors with that kill that point to a cougar, look at it.

      The track pictures did have a scale, one was posted with a ruler next to it. They are 3.5 to 4 inches across. They were taken by police in the town where the sighting was. The tracks were submitted to 5 world renowned experts as well as our panel, and they agree they appear to be cougar. Issue is, that’s the only evidence other than the witness that saw the cat at the site. Of course, the state dismisses witnesses as unreliable. To be fair, there are other trackers that say its canine, namely the ones the state submitted it to. Odd isn’t it?

      • Shirley Sutton

        Yes, I do have experience identifying kill sites. We’re there cat tracks leading to or away from this site? W/O a narrative it becomes very difficult for anyone viewing these photos online to determine what has happened.

        Yes, the track has a ruler – not well placed – for scale, but the length of the track looks to be 3 or less inches. The mark on the bottom right, and the substrate further confuse the ID. I do agree it is feline.

        The “dark” cat photo is most likely a bobcat as the cheek fur is clearly visible.

        Unfortunately, posting photos that are not cougars, or do not provide any narrative only serve to discredit your site, work, and organization.

        For an interesting mystery log into ICONN and search the Hartford Courant for 1959-1960 reports of the black panther of Granby, Barkhamsted, and Hartland – it cause quite a scare.

        P.S. I have had my own siting experience in Falls Village.

        • weather01089

          There were no other tracks leading to or away, because that was the only patch of snow there. It had all melted. There were some deer and coyote tracks in another part of this patch of snow. Because it is only one track, its hard to really confirm anything. The police measured the track and stated it was 3.5 to 4 inches. They interviewed several witnesses that described a huge cat with a long tail.

          There have been reports of black cats around, that one and other places including New Hampshire. They are certainly a mystery. On site work proved that the “dark” cat was actually over 3.5 ft long. We placed a cardboard “dummy cat” there in the same spot. Narrative needs to be added though, I agree. I believe it is all on the site, just not connected to that page properly. Because there were not enough features to positively label it a cougar though, it remains just another photo.

          The kill site comment was not meant to be negative, we certainly can use input from any or all that have dealt with them.

  8. Chris

    I’ve seen a Mountain Lion in NY.. but sorry to say, the picture of the large cat walking through the grass posted on this page is a Bobcat. You can clearly see the striped tufts of hair hanging off its lower jaw.

  9. Sean

    Something killed a 6 point buck behind my yard in West Haven CT the beginning of October. I have pictures of the deer and kill site. There were no neck bites so I figured it was coyotes but never heard anything and it happened less than 100 feet from my house. The rear end of the deer was eat in and what ever it was came back a few nights after that to feed. Today my brother was talking to my sister on the phone and she told him that she just saw a large cat jump over the stream that runs behind her house in West Haven. I have not talked to her yet and don’t know all the details but its only about 2 miles from my house.

  10. Bruce Conroy

    None of these pictures are credible. The dead deer is obviously coyote predation, cats feed from the front, coyotes start at the rear and stomach. The prints have no real size reference and appear old and in snow older tracks can appear larger that they were when made.
    I would love to see a real lion or photo. I spend a lot of time in CT woods and have many cameras out and have seen no sign of a lion.

    • weather01089

      Thanks for your evaluation. Stay tuned and open minded, or you may look bad after things are posted in the near future. Your assessment on how cats eat deer isn’t correct by the way.

      • weather01089

        By the way, hunters in Massachusetts have managed to spot them a few times over the last few decades. And also by the way, hunters in Michigan 9 years ago declared exactly the same thing you just did. Namely, “we are in the woods all the time, we would have seen them”. A year after that, the Michigan Wildlife Conservancy, (private group) flooded the woods with cams and finally managed a picture. Now they have over 30 confirmations there. So where were the cats all this time? Right where the hunters were, hiding. The argument being presented there that they could not be there, since there were no pics, road kills, or other evidence quickly went out the window. The Michigan DEM now is fully on board with the fact they are there. Need to learn a lesson here. They were there, right under their noses.

        • weather01089

          While on this “lesson” topic, the Michigan DNR upon confirming the cougars there proclaimed they must all be “escaped pets”. However, ALL the DNA tests to date have confirmed they are indeed, wild.

  11. the101

    I’m sorry to inform you, but the image of the animal in the green, grassy field is not a cougar. It is a species of lynx, most likely a bobcat (bionomial name: Lynx rufus). If you look closely at its face you can see the scruffy, striped fur characteristic of lynxes as well as its short, bobbed tail. You can even see its that its coat is spotted, a characteristic found on cougars only when they are small cubs.

    As much as I would like to think that cougars have repopulated Connecticut, the animal in the field is not evidence of that, and to be honest I find the rest of the evidence here to be questionable at best.

    • weather01089

      your opinion is noted. That particular picture we agree was questionable. The rest I would suggest you look closely. Experts have rendered opinion on them.