1. Eilleen W.

    Too bad most of us are driving and they are fast.

  2. Peter M Ellis

    Do you also take sightings from Rhode Island on the Conn. line? I am trying to get a picture of one right now with a game camera. THat is how I came to find your site. Chepachet is on the CT line. I have what could be Cougar droppings here and some of the deer here have claw marks in them.

  3. Cathie Maloney

    rumor has it, a second cougar was hit by a truck and killed, somewhere along the RI/Conn line, since the one killed, last summer, on the other side of Conn. I was shown a photograph of the dead lion being held up in front of a truck, but wondered if it just a picture of the original lion killed. Does anyone know? I live in Western Coventry, RI, and I hope it’s not the one I spotted last winter.

  4. Benjamin D. Naunczek

    You really should expand your map to include sightings from the entire east coast as they are said to be extinct in the eastern US.

    • Sherry J.

      I agree! The BLue Ridge Mountains have a healthy population of cougars. I grew up in the upstate of SC on the NC line. Everyone knows they are out in the woods. Every so often one gets hit by a car, or a sighting is reported on the news.

  5. Robert Bergeron

    I have lived in CT for my entire life and have been walking and hunting the woods here in Windham and New London counties for more than 35 years and have never seen any sign of a moutain lion let alone a lion itself. I have been using game cameras since 1999 and have never gotten a picture of anything even resembling a lion. In my opinion I believe most of these supposed sightings are not moutain lions at all. I find it amazing that no one has ever gotten a picture of one with all these sightings going on. One run over cat does not mean a population exists.

    • Joe H.

      I do believe there is a small population. Even if 10% of all these sightings were correct, that would show a population. Look at the different regions that are listed,some within days of each other. I personally know people who live in “confirmed”mountain lion habitat,(Colorado,California,The Dakotas) and although some of these people have seen them the majority of my friends have not. I HAVE seen a mountain lion/cougar in Ct. I never thought it could be a possibility and i didnt think anyone would believe me until i saw this site and realized i wasnt alone. I am an outdoorsman with many hours in the field and thats not where i saw this cat. It was in my neighborhood!

      • Robert Larocque

        one was spotted in Central Coventry Colvintown Rd. and Rt. 117 and at Parker Woodland recently

        • Duke Wavewalker

          2 winters ago my wife and I hiked Maxwell Mays…I have pix of some prints in the snow…I’ll dig them out and post them

          • trailhiker

            look forward to seeing your pictures, i have some pics from there from 2 winters ago also. I’m no expert but thought they were bobcat, one thing i found a little unnerving, but cool, is apparently the cat was watching me dust his prints in the frozen ground. I went back the next day to follow the tracks. the next day there were new tracks that came from the woods right where i had been taking pix of the older ones and the new tracks followed me but with a much longer stride. Estimate track size at 1 3/4″- 2 1/2″. strange “pendulum” look to the tracks. also tracks criss crossed what i believe are fisher tracks. will post pictures if there is interest and anyone can tell me how.

    • CML

      Thank you Robert! Finally some voice of reason.

      • steve d

        CML, Please excuse my ignorance, but are you, cov research, and Bo all interconnected? I’ve been assuming that you are, but some of your recent posts seem somewhat skeptical about the presence of mountain luons in Ct. Thank you.

        • CML

          Steve d, I dont know who cov research or bo are. I am curious observer of the posts. I find it totally fascinating that one person can see one thing one way and another can see something totally different. I think I have been very consistently skeptical to mountain lions being here in Connecticut as a population. I grew up hearing these tales and here we are many years later and still not one photo, not one piece of evidence other then one dead mountain lion on the side of the road. Yet some people are still seeing them everywhere. It just totally fascinates me.

    • Christiane

      I know what I saw so close to me and my dog. Next time I will ask the lion to wait until I get my camera out. Cheese and click….

    • weather01089

      Sorry Robert, I know the difference, and me and many others have seen them up in Western MA, going back 40 years. They are here, watch over the next couple of years. One was hit in Belchertown MA this summer, but after someone called the state, it all just vaporized. Tracks have been found in several spots, as well as killed deer caches, one up in a tree! Those two counties are the least likely place to find them in the state anyway. Stay tuned.

      • nck

        I don’t, for one minute, think there is some sort of conspiracy by the state to deny ML breeding in Ct. They simply want PROOF. They wanted proof with bears….and when they got it, they admitted it. Proof….and its NOT someone CLAIMING they saw one. Its one thing for US to believe it, its entirely another for a state rep to say yes.

        • weather01089

          Well it goes deeper than you know. Breeding is another issue. There is pretty convincing evidence around that something is up.

        • Jason way

          I live in Rockville Rhode Island near the Connecticut border and I just got a video on my trail cam two days ago on 9/3/14 of what I think is a mountain lion for sure I hear Mountain lion screams when their mating every year around my neck of the woods. it’s definitely not a bobcat with a long tail like it has in my video. Search on YouTube for Mountain Lion Rockville RI and you will find my video.
          There’s no doubt these things are here I don’t know why you’re not acknowledged.

    • jl

      you ever walk around pomfret?

    • Court L.

      Robert, I live near the RI border in MA and not until the local news crews had daytime video footage of a black bear mom and cubs, did the local state biologists/rangers admit that YES a black bear family has been living in the Rehoboth State Forest for many years now. Many sightings over the last decade were confirmed. Even though I’ve never seen any, right next to all these sightings, doesn’t mean there isn’t a breeding population living right next to me, as was confirmed.
      Once a mom and cubs are spotted, it means that a breeding population, small group, is present. Mt lions travel up to 100 miles a day feeding. It does’t mean all the map dots are separate animals, probably 3 to 4 family units (females with current or former offspring and some males with females or roaming separately as males mate with multiple females). But as soon as those offspring grow up, now you have 6- 8 possible family units spreading out. They have been in the NH, ME, and VT mountains for decades. There is no denying it with all the biologist’s evidence and state confirmations from all over NE. We’re not talking about a Bigfoot. We’re talking about a native species animal, predator, that was NEVER truly extinct in America. Populations exploded South and West, and they moved up, spreading out territory. That’s it, just like people do.

    • Henry

      You are wrong. I have lived in CT all of my life. When I was in Newtown, my house bordered a state forest and I saw cats quite often. These were bobcats–a group of them lived in a cave formed by two large rocks leaning against each other.

      I have since moved into Southbury, which is right across lake zoar from where I previously lived. I have observed a large cat along side the road while driving back to my house at night. It dipped under the guard rail after staring at the headlights briefly. This was larger than any bobcat I have seen.

      Additionally, while going to get a morning sandwich, I saw what I thought was a big fox near Southbury training school. It was running on the opposite side of the road coming right towards me. I slowed down and saw that it was indeed a cat (about the size of a smaller lab retriever). It could have been a bobcat, but it did not have the traits I had previously observed on bobcats.

      I’m no expert on sightings, but this was definitely a young cat, and it did not have the pointy ears that I had observed on bobcats. Seeing young like this means larger cats are mating in the area–I doubt this young cat would have roamed far on its own. This would seem to speak against your theory.

  6. weather01089

    I am pleased to see someone taking this seriously, as it should be. I saw a mountain lion myself some years ago, with my father. He pointed out how it was different, and bigger than a bobcat during our encounter. We often saw bobcats in the area near our cabin in the Berkshires, but clearly this wasnt a bobcat. The locals were upset, trying to get someone to shoot it, because it was attacking sheep and livestock at the time. The hilltown people up here know the difference. I asked a group in one town recently and virtually ALL of them had seen one, with a hunter having one stalk the same deer he was hunting. He yielded to the cat! We have had family units seen this year, with a horse attacked in the area where the family was. Its not easy to get pictures, they dont hang around long when they see you. But that being said, its likely just a matter of time. Keep it up CT!

  7. Andrea Thompson

    I was just walking my dogs. We live in Navy housing in Groton, CT. So it’s 10:15 pm and I was walking my dogs when I shined my flashlight into the woods behind some houses. I saw a deer’s eyes reflected and thought ” cool”. I walked maybe 40 yards and shined my light into another section of woods and saw more eyes reflected. But these were not deer’s eyes. I got closer and saw the ears and heard the low growl. My dogs were barking like crazy. And it started to love toward us. I freaked out turn and ran. It jumped out of the trees and landed like 15 ft from us. Then it turned and went after the deer. OMG that was crazy!

  8. Dayna

    My cousin has a picture of a mountain lion he captured on his game camera and I have pictures of tracks next to my barn all of which were taken in CT. Just because you have never seen one in person or a picture doesn’t mean they aren’t around.

    • CML

      Can you post those photos? If you have proof, well share it please.

      • Cindy

        I saw a mountain lion on my property in Warwick,RI last April. It was crouching down and stretched out ready to pounce at a deer. The deer reared up at it. It just turned looked at me and slowly sauntered off into the woods. I was shaking as i called the police. I could tell from the tone of the dispatcher that she didn’t believe me. They gave me DEM# to call. The DEM officer came and took down the report. He checked out the scene and until he saw the hoof prints in the dirt where the deer reared up, I’m not sure he believed me. It was frustrating. I haven’t told many people for that reason. A couple months later my husband and I were having coffee on the deck and saw one walk through the yard, looked at us then and enter the woods at the same spot. I was so happy to have someone else see it I almost cried. We called DEM again and they came to have another look around. The officer said unfortunately the well worn path in the woods(large deer population) has a covering of pine needles, leaves etc. making it nearly impossible to obtain a track. We recently put a trail cam out there. I’d love to get a pic. and send it to the DEM officer.

  9. Reid

    Found some big cat tracks on barkhamsted/canton line. They are here following the deer. Believe it

    • Steve

      Avon’s cross country coach was out on the local bike trail this weekend. He came across a dead deer that appeared to be consumed by a mountain lion. I have the picture he took. Large paw prints are clearly visible around the deer.

      • NCK

        GEE…..another claim of pics…….yet, no pics….how surprising. And don’t think that me stating this means I don’t believe ML are here. The vast majority of californians haven’t seen a ML………im just sick of pic claims and then….POOF…..they vanish….it doesn’t help….in fact….it hurts…

        • weather01089

          Nck, people that have done research in areas where they are plentiful have had a very hard time getting pictures as well. Sightings went on for decades in Michigan also for example, with no pictures or “evidence”. A private group similar to the one here put out a flood of cams and finally got a good picture. Now they find out there are actually quite a few there that haven’t been seen, no road kills, etc. So when you hear the story that “if they are here we’d have that kind of evidence”, well the facts now say not at all. Cougars are notoriously elusive, proven fact.

          • nck

            Im NOT denying pics are easy to take…Im SURE they are close to impossible…..but DONT claim you have them…..and then……..DON’T post them. I guess its their perogative, but its annoying as hell.

          • weather01089

            Many of these people have pictures that “friends” have given them that are the ones circulating facebook and the internet. Often from other areas. People think its a big joke to give one to someone and say “look what I saw in my woods”.

  10. Barry Rita

    windering if you got thye sighting I sent in yesterday?

  11. Michael Sohonyay

    On March 26 2014 @ about 1am I was driving on rt 34 in derby heading towards Shelton.When I came around a bend an saw a large cat crossing the road from the water side to the mountain side just before osborndale park.This was no house cat.This was around 3 foot long without the tai.I know I just saw a Mountain Lion!

  12. Rob redman

    I have a photo taken just over the Massachusetts border. It was taken with my cell phone, so to See the cougar the photo needs to be enlarged. Once enlarged the cougar is very visible. I watched it for 15/20 minutesRob XXXXXXXXXX call me and I will send you one of the photos

    • weather01089

      Photos received, cat proportions all wrong, coloring wrong, appears to be a house cat

  13. Robert Larocque

    My group hikes all over the state . On April 1st 2012 , yes April fools day, about 20 of us were hiking Mt. Tom in Exeter. We were just starting to climb down toward Rt. 165 and 4 of us heard this loud scowl very close by. We were in an area of many rocks and high outcroppings. We high tailed out of there. I went home and looked up the DEM site for Rhode Island and there was a sighting of a bobcat a couple days earlier. Now, here it is, June of 2014 and hearing that there was a mountain lion sighting in the George B. Parker Woodlands on Rt. 102 and Maple Valley Rd. recently. Also in my woods on Rt. 117 and Colvintown Rd.. A neighbor spotted it in the woods which I share 16 acres with.

    • Robert Larocque

      Also, I was hiking on Rt. 165 with others and we spotted these huge cat tracks in the snow. We couldn’t believe how large they were. This was located off of Summit Rd. off of Rt. 165 in Exeter. This was this past winter. We hike through the winter. We were trying to figure out what animal made these tracks. I believe and a few of us in the hiking group are positive that Cougars are living among us here in Rhode Island though the Fish, Game and Wildlife deny these animals even exist here in the S. New England Area. Shame on you!

  14. Mike

    Late in May2014 my wife was coming home from a night at a concert on Rt 63 on the Watertown Morris line when a cat crossed in front of her, she thought it was a bobcat , I asked her how big it was ? She said that when it was in the road crossing in front of her ,the front half of the cat took half of the lane and the back half of the cat took half of the other lane (apprx 6ft long) and the tail was about 5ft . That describes a mountain lion for those who wonder what the dimensions of a mature cat are, as I was taught in my forestry classes at VOAG at Lyman Hall High. We were taught and tested for quick sightings that you get in the wild. Bobcats are a ball of fur with and no more than 2.5 feet long and very little tail and usually nocturnal .Mountain lions hunt usually during the day, bobcats at night. There seems to be a lot of missing pets in the Bethlehem Watertown areas a sure sign of a major predator , could also be coyotes. As the farms turn into housing areas more trees are growing which in turn provides for these predators a safe habitat to hide and get closer to urban areas. There are far more deer now and that is the choice food for these cats. So when the deer population grows so does the predator list . New York DEP admitted letting loose 6 pairs along the Ct border in Kent Sherman area so there is the proof for those who doubt. And remember Ct DEP denied Black bears were sighted for along time as well. A DEP officer admitted that there were apprx 600 of those in Ct and as far as moose they denied that as well for a while. These cats are needed to keep the deer population and moose population in check.

  15. Jim Magee

    I just returned home here in June, 2014 after spending nearly 6 years on “big” Island, Hawaii. I lived in Rhode Island most of my life, growing up in North Kingstown (Slocum) and visiting every weekend with my maternal grandmother in Charlestown, on Rt 216, bordering woods that lead into Burlingame Camping area / state forest. My house and grandmother’s house was located on Rt. 216 (Ross Hill Road), right next to the old Bradford Skeet & Gun Club. Across the street from my house, the neighbors – Gerry & Carol Celia have horses and a big horse barn with a fenced paddock out behind the barn. Apparently according to my 43 year old son Jason, a year or so ago, one of their horses was brutally attacked, by some large cat, leaving huge claw marks and ripping open its stomach before being scared away. My son also told me of multiple sightings in the local area and I know the area well, having spent countless hours, fishing at the local Perry-Healy brook years earlier as a kid. It’s really kinda scary to think the woods I grew up in and spent many hours alone in now have mountain lions in them. Jason said there were reports at Burlingame state park of “huge cat” footprints around the Watchaug Pond, which is surrounded by Burlingame State Park. He told me (although I can’t verify this) that some “Einstein” thought it a good idea to introduce mountain lions to help control the ever increasing deer population! Apparently increasing the length of the deer hunting season never occurred to this idiot. Instead, let’s bring in wild mountain lions – that’s the ticket! God help us with fools like that in governmental decision making….oh, wait a minute, I forgot – that’s the way the entire country is run, which is exactly why our economy is in such a shambles. A few fools, making life-changing decisions for the masses!

    • weather01089

      Would appreciate quick info if you have any of prints and kill sites, or sightings. There have been quite a few credible reports in Rhode Island in that area, and of course, the class 1 confirmation at Matanuck a couple of years ago. So while your DEM is saying “non confirmed since 1858” or whenever, they are talking out the wrong part of their body. There is an official confirmation at that site, listed on cougarnet. Clearly the state DEM should not be the only one to be made aware of evidence.

  16. Sarah Mancini

    Posted a picture on your FB page.

  17. Hendon Chubb

    When the police rough up African-Americans, there are often people with smartphones around to take pictures. How come with the many “sightings” no one has videoed or even photographed a mountain lion in a verifiable location to win this award? Of course there is the famous 2010 photograph of a mountain lion in Sharon, but everyone knows that that was a hoax

    • weather01089

      Very nice theory, but alas, its already been tested out in Michigan and vicinity. Took them years to finally get a picture on a game cam, after denials and people being dismissed by state and other officials. Well finally they did, and research shows there is actually a small population there, right under their noses. But being from Yale, you should be open minded to the evidence. The Sharon one was one of many hoaxes that arrive regularly. But there are real reports out there, from credible people. Including a university professor with a PhD. So we should all ignore the growing sightings and evidence, and continue to proclaim they are not here? That didn’t work so well when one got hit on the highway in Milford. We have had several confirmations in Southern New England. Suggest you go research them before you make knee jerk conclusions. Also note how the wildlife officials in one particular case went to great lengths to try to cover it up.

      • weather01089

        You might also be aware that we have had several pictures submitted that are very credible. Verifiable locations, but not all the details needed for a “oh wow” positive. Note that the pictures taken of the Milford cat prior to it being hit were blurry, and certainly not confirmable. We all know the cat was around for some time, but alas, nobody really got a good picture of it. Photographing a cougar where there is a low population is a daunting task. That is a well proven fact.

  18. Keith Norman

    We have a mountain lion that frequents our property in willington ct about 150lbs and enjoys chicken and growling at our cats we live on a small farm and it seems to show up on our front porch around 12pm growling or by our chicken coop late at night runs off when the door is opened or lights are turned on ive only seen it in the beam of a flashlight for a few seconds or when opening the door when hearing the growling and cats having a fit

  19. Daniel McGinley

    Have any authenticated pictures surfaced yet, other than the ones presented on this site? Thank you. This is fascinating. Very much like Florida before the author of Cry of the Panther came out, the man who tracked and “rediscovered” the Florida panthers for protection. I know so many knowledgable woodsmen (and women) who swear they have seen CT mountain lions. We shall see. The MLF (Mountain Lion Foundation) in California awaits the day I have solid, unquestionable evidence. I will refer them to this site, if they are not already aware of it.

    • weather01089

      There have been photo’s submitted that did not have enough detail for a confirmation. A number of fakes, out of state photo’s claimed to be from the Northeast, have been sent in. We are patient. Its not easy to get a photo of these cats, as the Florida and Michigan people can clearly demonstrate. Thanks for the interest and stay tuned!

  20. Todd

    There is a large cat on I95 NB just before exit 2 in RI. On the left shoulder. Taking a picture is too dangerous. Looks like a mountain lion or cougar.