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  1. Tom Larx

    there have been sightings in fairfield, too.

  2. Ken Case

    Within the past 18 month, I was driving north on West Chippens Hill Road in Burlington, not very far from the Bristol town line.
    An animal the size of a large dog, dark tan with a very distinctive black tip at the end of the tail, quickly crossed the road not far in front of me. It was a very quick encounter, but noteworthy in that it was such a large animal that did not behave like a dog or coyote.
    When I arrived at the relative’s house that I was visiting, and told them of what I saw, they informed me that mountain lions had been seen in the area.
    I didn’t quite believe it, but my own later research into what mountain lions actually look like convinced me that I had indeed seen a moderate sized mountain lion!

  3. Susan Yolen

    I was driving northbound on I96 on July 7, 2011 when a large cat leapt across the highway and into the wooded median…north of New London. It had a rounded feline head, ears back, a powerful torso and it was a grayish brown color (no spots that I could see). I did not note length of tail which DEP claimed was essential to knowing whether it was a mountain lion or a bobcat. Am pretty sure no other motorists were near enough to have seen this…it took me aback! Definitely not a deer and I have seem a few coyotes in my own neighborhood this summer, so I am well aware of their look.

  4. Laura E

    The one in Greenwich last year was at Brunswick Middle School. Some faculty were out in the fields and they saw a “mysterious cat like creature,” I know this because I was doing a summer camp down the street and so the camp counselors wouldn’t let us go outside, fearing that the mountain lion would come up to a bunch of kids and intentionally attack them. King ST, Greenwich, Connecticut. I believe the sighting was on June 9th, or maybe it was the 10th… 2011.

    • Frank MacEachern

      Hi Laura E., I am a reporter and I would like to speak with you about that June incident. Could you contact me at 625-4434?


  5. FM

    I heard a story of a sighting in Sherman, CT.

  6. Lisa D

    I was driving home on a rainy night in New Fairfield when a mountain lion almost ran across the road in front of me. At first I thought it was a dog but then I realized quickly that it was a huge cat. I called the police sept who gave me DEEP’s number but they told me that I must have seen a bob cat because mountain lions were very big. I got off the phone and looked up pictures and I’m as sure as sure can be that it was a mountain lion!!!

  7. Mike from Black Rock

    I live in a small coastal community with a large swamp/creek preserve in my neighborhood. Lots of different wild animals you wouldn’t initially expect to see right along the coast. Early in the morning, I often see Great Blue Heron and Bald Eagles Hunting for prey. Herons hunt differently then most large birds, by staying upright and motionless, feeling for vibrations in the ground by way of their feet, and finding their prey. I say this because one morning, I looked out my window and saw an heron in its motionless trance, and a mountain lion slowly trying to sneak up on the heron. IT WAS AMAZING!!
    The mountain lion was big. Real big. We have already seen bobcats in the area, and this was much bigger. All the characteristics of a mountain lion were there, and I watched as it lurched toward the bird once it was spotted (A couple of flaps of its wings and the heron was long gone). Big, large muscular hind legs and a stiff tail.
    I called the towns animal control division later that day and they basically told me not to crank call them after having a couple of pops. That was the case until a week or so later when it was reported that one had been hit on the Merritt in Milford, and then animal control called me to ask a few questions concerning what I had reported.

  8. Eric Breuer

    Being a retired CT. State Trooper with over 20 years on the job here is what I know about CT’s Mountain Lions. While working at Troop B in Canaan I was assigned the patrol that covered a section of Route 8, Riverton and New Hartford. I investigated a call of a reported Mountain Lion sighting in Riverton just out side of Winsted on Old Route 8. I saw fresh Mountain Lion prints in a muddy area. I was later told by DEP Officials that they were aware of the Mountain Lines and that in fact they have imported some from out west to help curb the deer population. My second encounter I was an ear witness. I was jogging down Woodtick road in my former home town of Wolcott. There is a tree farm along my route and it was pretty heavily forested. When i heard the unmistakable growl of a Mountain Lion. Needless to say I stopped jogging as to not trigger the predator / pray response. I then walked slowly backwards in the direction I had just come from. Several years earlier a coworker was doing a security check at Ski Sundown about 1 am in the fall. He told me that night he got out of his car to check and make sure the doors were locked. As he exited his cruiser he looked at the front porch of the building and saw a Mountain Lion on the porch. He told me he thought to himself that the building was secure and well protected.

    I also saw a MOOSE on the Police Training Academy grounds when I was there for an inservice training session. When I reported it I was told I was full of it. Two weeks later the LT. at Troop A in Southbury had to shoot a MOOSE as it was wondering on I-84 and would not leave the highway.

    My professional opinion is there are many things in the woods of CT. that you would not think should be there.

    • Josh Werner

      A friend of mine told me the DEP had brought in 3 pairs to New england to manage the deer population. I didn’t believe it when I first heard it but I’ve heard the same thing from a lot of different people. I think it’s denied so not to alarm the general public.

      • weather01089

        We’ve heard that story over the years, even from a retired trooper. It may be just a well seeded rumor who knows.

      • Teresa

        Really, wouldn’t it be safer to allow hunters to kill more deer and use the meat for food and possibly food banks. Come on, who makes these decisions around here? As if the Mountain Lions won’t breed. Then what, let’s think ahead here. I’m feeling like I can’t take a hike without a weapon. Deer don’t chew your face off. Nature is one thing, but to introduce mountain lion to assist a deer overpopulation is ludicrous.

        • weather01089

          Your comment shows you have no idea whatsoever of mountain lion habits. They are little to no threat to humans. As far as introducing who advocates that? They are doing fine on their own, and not going into an area where there is not enough food. That keeps you off the menu to begin with.

        • Riley

          I wouldn’t be too worried. Firstly, there’s no need to worry about them becoming invasive or taking over the ecosystem. Mountain Lions used to live in this area, and throughout the entirety of North America until settlers arrived in the 17th century and began to hunt them. They were driven to extinction by around 1815, mainly because the settlers assumed they were dangerous. But their numbers have always been manageable throughout history.
          Human attacks are also extremely rare. In fact, there are under 100 confirmed Mountian Lion attacks on humans since the 1800s, most of which have been the result of hunger or rabies on the part of the Mountain Lion. Because of the surplus of deer and coyotes in the state (both natural catamount food) the former is highly unlikely, and the latter is very rare in large cats. The vast majority of encounters between Mountain lions and humans end with the cats running away; we are a disconcerting site for them, perhaps even more than they are to us. We are their only real predator, and so they learn to leave us alone.
          While it is completely understandable to be scared when you hear about a large predator living in your area, there’s no need to fear or carry a weapon on a hike– unless you really fee you need one. If you avoid hiking at night, chances are you’ll never so much as encounter one, elt alone get attacked. Hopefully, we can learn to coexist with these beautiful animals and inhabit this beautiful land together once again.

    • Shawn Patterson

      Very interesting that I looked up this site to say I saw a healthy mid sized mountain lion in Wolcott last weekend around dawn only to see my family friend and great man mentioning my town and a sitting (hearing)here too.

    • Ruth Nicholas

      Thank you!!! My girls were walking our Golden. Sometime between summer of 2010 – 2012. I might be able to pin the date down using Facebook posts. The girls were adamant, they had seen a cougar. We were told by dozens of people ct didn’t have cougars. The girls had not been watching or studying wildlife during the weeks prior to the sighting. I have no reason to believe they created a story. Honestly, had my oldest been alone or with a different sibling I would have believed she was lying. She wasn’t. My second oldest was with her & she has a reputation for being honest…

  9. Allie Cha

    This is a message to the DEC: Those of us who have seen mountain lions in NY (I saw a dead kitten or adolescent on the shoulder of I-81 near Whitney Point, NY-disproportionately long tail and very round cat-like face with raccoon like markings) do not care if there is a reproducing population of mountain lions in NY nor am I saying that there is one. We do not know and most of us do not care to explore that issue. Nor do most of us know or care to explore if the animal we saw was an Eastern cougar or another type. But, we do not want to be discounted because most of us have not been accused of lying or seeing mirages in the past. Many of us have Phd’s and/or MDs and are not used to being accused of lying or being patronized by being told we probably saw a bob cat, lynx or the Big Red Dog Clifford! I don’t believe that the DEC is releasing cats, nor do I buy into a conspiracy theory. But, I do think that the DEC officials are short sighted and typical of a governmental agency with people too long in their position and too comfortable repeating their mantra. I also think that the DEC is losing credibility. DEC, you have egg on your face from the CT situation because you spent years telling the public they were delusional. Then, without so much of a mea culpa (or, My Bad), they say “oh sure there was one but only one”. They denied cougar sightings in NY until they decided there was too much evidence from too many sources and decided to use the CT mountain lion to do away with all the speculation (although the ct cougar’s DNA was NOT an exact match to the Lake George data-just similar subspecies). It is unclear how it showed up dead in the road but it is being used to shut people up-cause they are attributing all sighting to that one cougar which they conveniently showed has died somehow on the road. What is more believable: A) there may be few lone mountain lions in NY or B) that dozens of people (many with PhD’s, MD’s) who have never seen a mirage and never hallucinated and who hold down important positions all of a sudden are plagued with some mysterious need to shout out “Mountain lion”? I’d put my money on the idea that, as the west is not like a zoo that en-cages all animals, it is probable that a few lone mountain lions have migrated to the east and are occasionally seen. See DEC, that wasn’t so hard was it? This is a call for your organization to stop being so patronizing and start listening to the public. Some of us have as much science in our background as you do so put away your patronizing tone and find a way to be more thoughtful to the people who are only interested in learning more about the things they see and experience. Good day.

    • Noelle Sawtelle

      Awesome. 🙂 They laughed at me. I totally agree.

    • weather01089

      They lead you to believe they had an exact DNA match to that NY cat, and oh yes, a trail back to South Dakota. That’s NOT what the report says. After considerable resistance from officials, we managed to get a copy of it. Yes, they say, one cat wanders the eastern 2/3’rds of the US in search of love. ONLY one, now. Forget that they are confirming then only 200 miles away in Canada with similar DNA to the South Dakota cats as well, believe the story.

  10. Keith Beaulieu

    My neighbor told me last night that he let his dog out at night and he kept barking. He looked to see why the dog was barking because he is not a barker and saw a large animal that was definitely at type of huge cat that had the coat the color of golden lab and had a huge long tall. It was sitting at the end of my driveway just sitting there looking at him and the dog. About 50 feet away from him. The animal couldn’t care less he said.

  11. Ryan Hope

    Pretty sure i spotted a Mountain Lion on this early morning around 6 am on Jefferson St in New London, this cat jumped over 6 foot high fence near the road next to a Cemetery, and then ran across the road and jumped and cleared another 6 foot fence with enough jumping space to have at least cleared 8 ft, it seemed to have a light brownish coat on it and it was pretty damn big, it freaked out this morning on my way to work.

  12. Rick

    I do a lot of hiking in the central ct area…sometimes at nite during the colder months. I was near lake compounce and spoke with an employee there who said a mountain Lion was spotted near by and there were pics of it at Lincoln College. Does anyone think these cats would attack a hiker at night? I still think the real danger lies sitting on your couch though so im still hiking there.

    • Tina

      Yes I think it is a possibility, in reality it not a good idea to hike alone where lions have been spotted, esp. in either early morning or evening hours when the lions tend to be most active so i’ve read, however if you’re like me and really must go out and prefer to hike alone, I’d suggest strong headlamp, sharp hiking pole/stick, heavy duty pepper spray, a knife, cell phone and loud whistle. Let someone know where you’re going. I also now carry lighters, as in maybe a torch fire will frighten it off. Of the various accounts of attacks I’ve read on people either they didnt know they were being stalked or by the time they realized it and attack was immenent there was no time to do anything because obviously you will likely be frightened out of your wits, even if you are 6ft. tall and 180 lbs. I just don’t understand how such a public safety issue is being ignored. I’d rather have them captured and put to sleep then roaming about. Hiking has definitely become alot less enjoyable for me, constantly turning around, afraid to sit down for lunch or sit to enjoy the views and God Forbid I’m not back to the car and it’s getting dark. Just today i was hiking in Ridgefield and I turn around to look at this bird and some guy with a dog is right behind me and I neither heard nor felt a presence and am usually pretty good at feeling someone behind me even if quiet. My enjoyment of life has vastly fallen since my own siting, and I don’t think this problem will go away so I hope some hunters read these sites and decide to take matters into their own hands. And if these lions were tagged and monitored we’d at least know if everyone is seeing the same 6 or the woods/mountains are crawling with them since the descriptions I read really seem to vary in color and size.

      • Pete Pettywick

        Tina, you are horrible! YOU are what is wrong in the world – how dare you suggest becuase YOU like hiking, that we kill these animals who have as much right to be in the woods as you…maybe even more of a right than you! You’re a very disturbing person.

        • Jay Tee

          How many hikers, particularly children, should die before you budge from your hardline no-compromise environmentalism? Out west, mountain lions are killing people.

          • Fi

            There is a balance issue here. I think most would agree that a program of killing to suit recreation is poorly thought out.

      • chris

        Wow your paper thin argument shows what an ignorant person you really are! Your apparent lack of understanding for the world in which you live is very obvious. my advice to you is never ever comment on somthing you know absolutly nothing about. Mabey you should be tagged and monitored at least we would know to stay away from your sorry pathetic ass!!!

      • Bill Cannon

        I would sugest that you get a conceiled carry permit and a large caliber handgun. It is up to you to protect yourself in woods. Anything can happen. If you were to eliminate one of these preditors,dont tell anyone, the carcas will be cleaned up by coyotes. People who want these beasts dont have livestock. I for one am in favor of total elimination. Its just a matter of time before some kid becomes lunch for their precious puddytats. If you want to see a lion in Ct go see one stuffed in a museum.

      • Tina

        Chris and Bill, Thank-you for your civil responses (at least I assume the 1st. one was not another nasty comment directed AT me) tho whatever if it was.
        I’ve not seen any mountain lions of late but saw a deer skeleton at Steep Rock in Washington right on the main trail by the river a couple of weeks ago, the front legs were missing? The skeleton was totally cleaned off and looked like it been there a while. I believe SR does not allow hunting so I can only speculate what in God’s name happened, tho it didn’t make sense in terms of a ML killing a deer right there on the tr. and eating it there so out in the open? SR is rather heavily used, I’d not imagine that be ideal ML territory other than lots of deer.
        I dunno it be illegal to kill one that were attacking a person, am pretty sure that that the State would not expect one to just let oneself be torn to pieces w/o defending yourself. I’ve never read of a hiker actually killing one, just warding off the attack if they are lucky, most hikers are not equipped for such an encounter and esp. in CT doubt the average person gives a ML encounter while out in the woods much thought unless they’ve seen one personally. I just love the advice to “throw rocks at the ML” to scare it off, I think it just make it MORE aggressive, oh and you’re not sposed to squat down or bend over so not sure how one pick up those rocks unless you’re carrying them in your hands/arms while walking.

        • Phyllis

          I have an idea… let’s just kill off EVERY preditory animal for all you hikers and farmers! If we eliminate them all then you can enjoy your little hiking adventures and farmers won’t have to worry about them only doing what comes naturally. If it’s not a moutain lion, it will be the bears, or the coyote’s, or wolves, or even your own dog!!!! We have murderers, rapist’s, child molester’s…. and you’re worried about an animal that did not ask that man invade his territory! YOU are entering HIS territory and you should respect that. I am not a tree hugger… so don’t even go there with me. I hunt, but I also have a healthy respect for wildlife. We should just completely wipe out species because people like you are afraid and have no understanding or education about nature?! And maybe you should be keeping better tabs on your children if you’re so worried about something eating them! It’s because of people like you that so many species have become endangered or extinct! You make me sick! I think they are fine right where they are, maybe they’ll help control the human population and weed out assholes like you! They’re not out specifically hunting humans. I’m sure he’s not sitting there in a tree thinking, ‘I hope that Tina comes out hiking today, she looks mighty tasty.’ If you’re that scared….. MOVE!!! OR stay home!

          • Bill

            Well I don’t need to kill off EVERY PREDATOR in the state. Just the ones that harass my livestock and family. AND I WILL. I’m not going anywhere. This isn’t their territory, it is ours. There are arias in this country where you do not go out hiking without a gun, a big one. Oh ,, and if they extirpated, that would just be fine with me and my wife and kids…….

        • josh

          Your a dumb ass, cougars hide their kills, and as far as you wantinting to kill them all so you can hike? Why dont you kill the bears and coyotes as well they can attack you too. Reading your posts is some of the stupidest shit i ever read. You need to stay inside or hike at the local mall. Ignorance like yours is what has caused that magnificent animal to be hunted out of existance here on the east coast.

          • weather01089

            You are far more likely to get attacked by a bear than a cougar, and those are pretty rare. Attacks are very very rare out west even where the cats are common. Anyone advocating killing cougars for public safety is severely uninformed.

      • Bill Cannon

        the documentary I saw about the eastern Canadian island had a survivor interviewing other survivors and I understand there have been a lot of atacks there. You have to appear threatoning for the lion must first decide what the risk of being injured is. An injured lion cant hunt. One guy was hit from behind while riding his bicycle on the road. An other motorist beat the lion with a jack handle when he came upon the attack. If you are attacked and you were to kill a lion you would just be lucky. I guess they cant arrest you for killing something that is not there. There was recently a case where a man was fined $10000 for killing a grizly because he should have been able to get his kids in the house and therefor didnt have to shoot the bear. You do have the rite to dispatch an animal that is harrassing your livestock. You had better be able to prove it.

      • Nick M

        People like you who believe that cougars are a dangerous threat to humans should realize there have only been 23 documented fatal attacks by cougars in the US and Canada during the late 19th, 20th, 21st centuries. Meanwhile there have been hundreds of documented fatal domestic dog attacks in the same period, with there being fifty in the last year and a half alone. Most victims of the dog attacks are children, so I guess we should just get rid of all our dogs too because the stats show they are much more dangerous than lions. People should do research before they form ignorant opinions.

        • Nick M

          By the way I”m referring to people who support cougar hunting because they think it is necessary for safety. I would support recreational hunting, but only if there was a large and healthy population, which we will probably never have in CT.

        • weather01089

          Absolutely correct and well said.

        • Suki

          I’ve been reading these posts and a lot of people have some very extreme ideas on both sides. I don’t have a “side”, I’m just interested in finding out the facts. Reading that there have only been 23 “documented” fatal attacks in the US and Canada for centuries was interesting. Recently, I was reading the DEP website. I read there were hundreds of bear sitings this year in Avon, Burlington etc. and 30 so far this year in West Hartland. I live in West Hartland and have as many as 30 bears a week in my yard. I live in the woods and I figure I’m on their property. I’ve never reported one, neither have any of the people I know in Hartland. So I question any state statistics. I understand that fatal attacks would most likely be reported, but how many near fatal attacks? Or what about unobserved fatal attacks where the animal was not identified? As I said, I don’t have a side, but I’m very interested in learning what’s really going on and I don’t think the truth lies in state or government statistic.

    • Bill Cannon

      absolutly I saw a documentory about multiple attack on some island in Canada. Mostly on foot but at least one on a bicycle

    • Teresa

      I’d be ultra careful at night when the hunters are getting hungry. Wondering if a jingling sounds keep the mountain lions away. Don’t they say that about bears.

  13. Julie

    A very large Mountain Lion crossed in front of our vehicle on the Chamberlain Highway in Berlin at about 5:30 PM on Monday, February 20th. The animal crossed from the tree farm area over into a yard on the other side of the road. This was definitely a Mountain Lion and not a Bobcat….Approx 80-100 pounds. Tried to submit a sighting report through the website, but was unable…

  14. Tina

    Has anybody had any other recent sightings in the Millerton, NY – Salisbury, CT area, either on the S. Taconic Trail or AT? See my account in the petition 2/11/12 re: incident at South Brace on 2/9/12 approx 4:15pm.
    Am very interested in more details on Steve P. account in that area on his post 2/21/12 in the petition.
    It would be helpful if people were very explicit with details on the place/time/nature of encounter for my own safety and other hikers and outdoorspeople. Like I wonder if the one in his account might be the same one I saw or there are TWO of them up there. The lion that I saw was going up another peak, I don’t think it was aware I was looking at it and I’ve not read of any face to face encounters by hikers in CT/NY and those are the ones I worry about most esp. if it’s at close range. Am also not sure what to do if I were going down to my car at the end of the day and I encountered one going up as I’d not want to pass it. I just hope one never comes near me again, this was not a positive experience at all. I prefer my wildlife viewing on TV.

    • Pete Pettywick

      “I prefer my wildlife viewing on TV.”

      ^ Then stay inside Tina! WE prefer wildlife like YOU to stay inside where you can’t do harm to our natural wildlife. Tina…get a life!

  15. Diane

    Unionville CT here, I just witnessed mountian lion jump out at my dog. I was just frozen there as my dog bolted back to the front door of the house.

  16. dan contino

    Oh finally a cool web site approximately 11 months ago my 12 year old son and I were driving home
    When entering colchester approaching rt 11 a mountain lion strutted casually across the highway .
    I slowed down and she looked at us as if to say what the hell,are you looking at. It was so cool .

    • Janine

      I saw one run across Route 2 approaching Bozrah right around mile marker 28, in May 2014

  17. June

    I think it will take a mauling for the DEEP to admit these ML’s are passing through, or even setting up housekeeping. I will carry my camera with me when I walk, and really notice tracks and scat, especially in some of the more remote areas I walk in. I don’t always use trails, so I might find something. Anyway, I pray we get undisputed proof, and soon, to avoid any attacks. I just told my horse neighbor the other day about my sightings. She has been leaving her little ponies out in their paddock because she doesn’t have space ready yet. She is making due now with the space she has to make sure the ponies don’t end up as an appetizer.

    • nancheska

      Yup, your friend needs to take care of the ponies. While cougars are pretty shy, I’d not put it past a hungry one to maul a horse. I grew up in MA, and my mom’s friend saw a cougar in Woronoco waaaaay back in early 1980’s. My cousin’s son saw one up near Lewis NY, not far from his home, maybe 10 years ago. He said from head to tail it was over 6 feet long. The thing about wandering in woods where large animals are: be aware of your surroundings. If you encounter a large predator, such as a cougar (or bear or even a coyote pack), don’t ever run. Stand up tall and look straight at the cat. People forget that it’s not just pumas and bears we need to look out for, but also deer, moose and elk. I’d never get between a doe and a young fawn. When I see a doe and she’s not giving up her ground, I back off-no question; she’s probably got a fawn or two nearby. I now live in NC, and where I work, someone got beat up BAD by a doe who’d just given birth. Rumor has it the woman stomped at the doe….bad choice. So, be smart: always be aware of your surroundings, whether in the East, or when you’re hiking out West. I always check what’s around and above me. Place kids in the center of a hiking-line, especially in an area where you know you’ve got cougars.


    Mountain lions are definitely in CT, especially Northeastern CT. A buddy of mine who is a hunter was in the woods on private property in Canterbury when he saw a stocking truck. When he approached the truck, he saw the two DEP officers in the process of releasing two full grown mountain lions into the woods, who told him that ,”you didnt see anything.” He also saw tracking tags on the lions. I have also had a personal siting in Brooklyn Ct 2 years ago in which i was riding on a trial along the Quinnebaug River on a quad in mid summer. I came around a corner and a 7 foot long Mountain lion stood in the middle of the trail about 30 feet from me and darted into the woods. I have another buddy in Woodstock who owns about 80 acres of land who sees a mountain lion on a regular basis. These animals are here for sure.

    • Bill

      Your friend needs to talk to media. If we can prove this policy, we need to bust these guys.

    • endoftheworld

      WHAT? so you’re friend did not ask what was going on? was this recent? I must say I find it a bit hard to believe either that the government is releasing them (esp. on private property) OR even more that they’d try to conceal it. I think it’s possible the lions roamed here from elsewhere and some have been released pets but if the DEP are aware of and capturing them/tracking them they ought to let the public know, what if a boy/girl scout troup was out there camping? or even a single hunter out at night with 2 lions roaming about.

      • Bill

        Yes it is hard to believe. The state would go after anyone who shot one, but what about the tracking device? That is incriminating. Does the state claim immunity for any damage done by these beasts. I can see why they would want tto hide their deeds. This is not the first time I have heard of this. Somewhere on this board , someone claiming to be a retired State Trooper claimed he was told by DEP that they were importing them. A goat farmer I know in Union told me that a state trooper advised him that the state released one in that town and there a lot of sightings there. One of our large animal vets also claimed to have been told this. My cousin, a nonbeliever told me one of his coworkers has a picture of a partial deer 11 feet up in the crotch of a tree. I havnt seen it yet. I wish this guy got a picture of them releasing it and how do they do that? Just open the cage and it runs away or do they take special precautions? If this is true, they need to be exposed.

        • steve d

          I live in the Hudson Valley, NY about 35 miles from the Ct. border; Pennsylvania and New Jersey are about the same distance to the east. As an avid hiker, I have spent a lot of time hiking in all 4 states, as well as the Berkshires in Mass. There have been many credible cougar sightings from all of these areas. Additionally, each state seems to have a significant number of claims that the respective environmental authorities are reintroducing cougars. Yet almost all of these suggestions lack specificity. More often they come from a “friend of a friend, a neighbor whose cousin knows a ranger, etc.” In my outdoor experiences the bulk of the state personel I’ve encountered have been friendly, intelligent, and helpful. If they’re engaged in some secret cougar conspiracy I’m not seeing it. To suggest otherwise based mostly on rumor and inuendo seems unfair.

          • nancheska

            I think what’s happening in the Northeast is that there are pumas that have travelled from the Plains areas, possibly upper Midwest, or E. Canada. Also, a few are probably pets let loose (you’d need DNA tests to confirm it, though). Some claim that the cougars never went totally extinct in the East (other than FL); Fish and Wildlfe says the E. Cougar is extinct. Probably so, but as someone pointed out, a puma’s a puma. (I doubt F&W are letting them loose; if anyone is at all, it’s probably the same folk who turn coyotes and raccoons loose in areas for hunting purposes. Even then, it’s doubtful that many people would let cougars loose.)

  19. Spencer Salvas

    About a year ago now, me and 3 friends were golfing at CT National Golf Course in Putnam CT. We were teeing off the 7th hole when a big brown cat came running across the fairway into the woods. We know it wasnt a deer because deer dont have long brown tails. It must have been chasing a rabbit or something that we couldnt see because it was hauling butt. By far the biggest cat i have ever seen. I dont understand why people dont believe these amazing animals are out there, trust me THEY ARE!

    • Sharon

      Not surprising that you claim to have seen one on a golf course. If you google mountain lions on golf courses, you will see that there are many sightings on courses as the deer love the grass, and the lions love the deer! I myself saw one WITH CUBS approximately 10 years ago just standing on the side of the road on Rt. 22 in Wingdale, NY. This was a pretty populated area, with SURPRISE = a golf course nearby! There may not be many, but they are here….

  20. Norbert Blain

    Mountain Lion seen crossing Rt 198 (1/4 mile south of Pumpkin Hill Road) traveling toward Natchaug River. Siting on June 14th @ 5:15 PM.

  21. john


  22. Ellen

    I saw a mountain lion yesterday crossing route 7 on the border between Kent and Cornwall bridge.

  23. Kristina

    3 nights ago my husband pointed to something and kept repeating what’s that what’s that. Walking through our driveway, then across the street and into the woods, was the biggest cat I have ever seen!!! We were told it was a bobcat but it was MUCH bigger and had a long tail and no tufts of fur on the side of its face. After searching on the Internet we came across several pictures of young mountain lions and that is without a doubt what we saw!! So cool to have seen one!! Esp with my husband because everyone thinks we are nuts!! In New Milford CT

  24. J. Finley

    there have been numerous sighting in the Pachaug area of Griswold, CT as well.

  25. trevor

    Hey need a legend for interactive map and i really appreciate this website as an avid nature enthusiast i always felt safe around fairfield county but now i think on trail runs i wont wear ear buds

  26. Elizabeth Jane

    About two weeks ago I was sitting on my front porch in Terryville talking to a neighbor when I noticed a wild cat in a field a few houses up. It looked as though it was going to cross the road. I said to my neighbor look at that, I think its a bobcat. The animal and I looked at each other for a few seconds before it ran back into the field. I was only able to see the front of the cat. It was a solid tan color.

    I spoke with a friend at work who also lives up the road from me & he mentioned the authorities were called because two large cats were fighting in his neighbors yard and stalking his dog who was in an outside kennel. This happened just two nights ago.

    Upon doing further research I recognized that the cat I saw two weeks ago resembled a mountain lion much more than a bobcat. I am 90%sure what I was was in fact a mountain lion.

    • Robin Keohane

      Hello all I just wanted to say I am totally amazed at some of the previous statements. I have a holiday home in New Brunswick Canada and was coming home from Fredricton about 11pm with my mother in the car and had the privilege to see a mountain lion cross in front of us while it was heading to the St John river for a drink! It was the most beautiful creature I have ever seen in the wild. Dangerous yes but so are mama bears-timber prattlers and the list goes on. Do we just kill everything so man can walk in the woods no! We must respect nature I believe carrying pepper spray or walking stick a proper protection. I would be more concerned with beasts with 2 legs than the elusive mountain lion they do not call them ghosts for no reason. Thanks for reading and safe adventures!

      • Bill

        It seems to be a lot of people seeing ghosts lately. Its only a matter of time before they are hunting one down claiming it must be sick and making excuses. The victim will ether be disfigured for life found wedged into the crotch of a tree.

      • nck

        uhm…..pepper spray is for human animals and bears….IF a ML attacks you, you wont see it until its got your head or neck in its mouth. If you see one, you probably wont get attacked.

  27. CNA

    Howdy! This article couldn’t be written any better! Going through this post reminds me of my previous roommate! He constantly kept preaching about this. I’ll send this information to him.
    Pretty sure he’s going to have a good read. Thanks for sharing!

  28. Bonnie

    I was walking my dog this morning in Andover, CT and he got really startled. He stopped for a minute to look around and then I heard some shuffling sounds, almost like a little bit of a “shhhh” noise. I always use a headlamp in the morning, so I shined it up my dark, unlit road. There was a large tan animal with a tail that curled upward at the bottom. The dog spotted it and we both heard a “hisssssssss.” My dog dragged me back inside, my heart racing! Upon first glance, I thought it was a very large cat. I got in my car to see if I could spot it, but there was nothing apparent.

  29. Donald Hopkins

    We have spent alot of time in and around Barkhamsted Reservoir since 1969 and haven’t seen any cougars ,bobcats yes . In the 1970 – 1990’s we put out cat-nip sent posts with no luck, have you tried this ? Most of our time there is during day light hours so don’t expect to see them all though the MDC patrolmen claim to have seen them . I would love to hear your comments . Don

  30. Wendy

    I saw a mountain lion on route 112 in Lakeville at 11:30 in the morning on a summer Sunday. I spotted his movement up ahead as I was driving, assumed it was a deer, and slowed to a crawl. This giant cat stepped out into the road in front of my car. He was no more than 25 feet in front of me, and he STOOD there. I don’t know how I could have had a better look. There was even time for an oncoming car to see what was going on and stop as well. Then the cat leaped across the road and was gone. I had heard of other reported sightings, and every time state officials said it was a bobcat. So, as I sat looking at this cat I kept saying to myself “Look at his tail. Look at his tail.” And I am telling you, the tail came down to the ground and then curled back up. This was no bobcat.

  31. Kerri Zadjura

    We are thinking there was one in Gales Ferry last night..

  32. Greg

    I was just shown a photo of a cougar carrying a deer kill in the night taken from a hunters deer camera. This person claims it was taken in Eastford, CT. I am trying to track down the one who posted it on Facebook to find out the legitimacy. I will pass on any info if I feel it is worth checking into.

    • Diane Stevens

      Greg, the video is one from 3 years ago taken in Texas..It is NOT here in CT. I got duped by it myself and also got it on FB

  33. Albert

    Sighting 02/12/13:

    I live in Suffield Connecticut and I saw a large black cat on my way to work today. I was driving down Sheldon Road and happened to look out into the field across from the new high school and there it was walking out of the woods. I was convinced it was a large black panther, but what do I know the state of Connecticut says there are no large cats in the state..

    • Fi

      I have seen a mountain lion in Tolland. It came out onto the road on rt 74 just before the butcher, crossed the road and walked down toward a pond on the opposite side. No mistaking what it was, and it was striking to see. An old timer here told me its known to walk along the the tracks In willington.

    • Sheryl Woods

      About 5 years ago I saw a Mt. Lion in the woods in West Suffield I know it was Mt. Lion because of it’s color, size and long tail. It was the most beautiful creature I have ever seen in the wild. We looked straight at each other. Instinctively I knew to stand still and let him make the first move. After a short period he slinked into the woods. I even made plaster casts of his footprints but unfortunately they broken in an accident. This cat was gold and the size of a very large German Shepard.

  34. Kate Beatty

    Sherman, ct. 1:00am
    Eerie wild animal calls. Searched the Internet and found sound clips of exactly what we heard. A femal mountain lion.

  35. Philip B Masterson

    I have been aware of the mountain lion issue in CT for some time now. I have had several very brief sightings over the years. Jumping over the road, very edge of a heavily wooded area at dusk, situations that would lead to 40% certainty at best. However I had a definitive viewing of a mountain lion struck and killed by a vehicle in Southbury. This occurred last fall near the intersection of main street and Roxbury road. The carcass looked as if it were placed on the grass off to the side and several people were stopped, an older couple was standing over it, obviously awe struck, taking pictures. The carcass was at least 5 feet long, laying on it’s side if not longer. It had a reddish brown coat with a full length tail and a sleek face with yellow eyes and black accents around it’s mouth and ears. It must have passed on not too long before I spotted it as it’s eyes were open and clear. It could not have been any other animal then a mountain lion, absolute zero probability. Unfortunately I did not have my phone on hand, I expected a news article but never heard anything else about it. I am currently never without my phone and hopefully will get an opportunity to photograph a living example at some point.

  36. Steven Frischling

    I am not sure if what I just saw was a mountain lion, but I was just taking my large dog out (a male weimeraner) around 3:30am in Niantic when something resembling a cat, but rivaling my dog’s size came charging out of of my neighbour’s yard at us. My dog will normally stand his ground against almost anything, but with the distance gap between us and whatever this very large feline was he nearly pulled me over running for the door. We got inside and it ran straight for the tree line.

  37. kate

    oxford a few days ago – this was even on the patch. debate on what it was. looks like a mountain lion to me:

  38. Craig

    At 5:45 on a bike ride across from St. Catherine’s Church on Route 20 headed south, a mountain lion, I believe, was struck by a white Volkswagon Jetta 4 door. Just like all your pictures at first I thought it was a fox, then it moved. The face was definitely “CAT”. Big furry tail. That is why I thought it was a fox. It was not a lynx nor a bobcat!

  39. Elizabeth Riorden

    Near Bash-bish falls, NY-MA border:
    early August, 3am, new moon- woken by foxes barking (normal) but then a banshee-like screaming. thought: strange sound for a fox. Next night: same procedure. Next day, late afternoon, driving on a remote road between two cornfields (the corn is very high after all the heat and rain) and THEN I saw it. A catamount, puma concolor, cougar or mountain lion. NOT a bobcat. It saw my car and backed back into the cornfield, and disappeared. WOW. They are here.

  40. James Morgan

    I saw a young mountain lion (Dark Tan with black spots. On Gunntown Road on the Oxford/Naugatuck border at 12:30 October 19, 2013.

  41. mitchell

    Someone get a photo!

  42. DD

    We just spotted one sauntering across the street just off the park ave exit on Merritt (47)

  43. Kamil Salame

    I live 5 minutes away from Brunswick School. I have a den of mountain lions so close to my house you can almost see it. And yes, they are 7 foot long creatures with razor sharp claws and cat like bodies. In the past 5 years, I have seen more wildlife than ever in the thick woods behind my house. I have seen wolves, coyotes, black bear, mountain lion, bobcat, fox, and the occasional moose. I was wondering if it was legal to kill coyotes, because I have kids who play in the woods and I don’t want them to get attacked. My son knows a ton about the Brunswick School incident. People thing these animals come to fairfield county occasionally. But you really need to be careful because they’re coming back.

  44. Julie

    I just had my first mountain lion sighting. It happened in Woodbury just 15 minutes ago. We were at a stop sign, as we made our turn I saw a tan cat, slightly larger than a bobcat, with a long tail walk behind a tree across the street. By the time we stopped and back the car up it was gone.

  45. John

    After 3 yrs of telling my fiance shes crazy, yesterday no more than 40′ away in my back yard I could see him clear as day. Im in North Haven.

  46. Monique

    In West Hartford this morning we saw a bobcat and mountain lion near the brook behind our house.

  47. Chris Jones

    I am a risk manager for insurance companies. I inspect residential and commercial properties. That includes vacant wooded lots. Once while in Simsbury behind the CT State Trooper shooting range back in the early 1990’s, I was traversing the wooded lot just under the Talcott Mountain cliffs (just off rt 189). I encountered three boys who were about to climb the cliff. I thought I would join them later as a lark and try too. They took off up the incline. I hung back to look around the wooded lot. Then all of a sudden coming down the incline west toward the range was a full grown mountain lion. It was unmistakable as I am familiar with animals and this was not a coyote, dog, bobcat, or big domestic cat. I had recently (then 1990’s) seen one at the West Hartford Science Center and two at the Springfield MA zoo (Forest Park).

    It walked right in front of me by 10-15 feet paying me no mind whatsoever as if it were tame or domesticated. Not trusting that assumption I froze for about 30 minutes listening for his sounds rustling through the underbrush. There was none, he was silent, indicating that he stopped, turned around, and was crouching in the brush checking me out. I waited him out and when I felt he wasn’t about to pounce I continued uphill backwards as you should never turn your back to a large feline nor run as that will trigger his instincts to pounce. I should have raised my arms to make myself look bigger but I thought that would be insane at the moment as he was only two bodies-length away from me!

    So I continued up the cliff behind the boys. They said they did not see the cougar. When we got to the top the State Park Warden (DEP) was waiting for us to write us all citations for trespassing on the cliffs. I mentioned the cougar to him and he laughed saying “There are no cougars in CT”. Yeah right!

    Later I was doing an inspection on the other side of the mountain at the 4H Club Farm in Bloomfield. I mention my encounter to the director. She looks at me nonplussed and says yeah we see him all the time. He is constantly trying to get at our chickens and other small animals. ALL THE TIME? What’s going on here?

    Then I hear later that West Hartford Police Dept is chasing one through people’s back yards near the base of the same mountain. Now I hear there are several spotted around CT. One on Wilbur Cross, one in East Hampton spotted by a DEEP employee, and one recently spotted in Durham. This would mean the cat crossed the Haddam Bridge in the middle of the night? Too cold and currents too heavy to swim across.

    So a retired CSP trooper above says that DEEP IMPORTED these critters here to help cull the deer population? I belief him as I saw a mutilated deer carcass behind Mt. Higby in the Middlefield/Middletown area not far from Rt 66. It appeared to have been predated by a large cat not coyotes. DEEP is denying this now. I see deer in Newington all the time. I also see coyotes the size of wolves (they are Coywolves). Never have a seen a Cougar in Newington yet. I saw a Black Bear in Riverton once. But none in Newington yet.

    • Chris Jones

      Continuing… I decided to do some heavy backgrounding on this and discovered that a man in Palmer MA had a full grown pet cougar that escaped from his farm in the 1980’s and he has not seen him since. So if the CT DEEP is secretly finding him a mate to help control the deer population, the public needs to be warned. In California they attack hikers and bikers a lot. One woman is still supposedly missing feared predated by a cougar. The coyotes in CT do attack people and small pets so cougars will probably join them like they do out west. Thank goodness they don’t hibernate like beers and wake up hungry. They hunt small game all winter long. Deers know how to fight back. Rabbits, squirrels, mice, chipmunks, woodchucks, not so much.

      • weather01089

        Contrary to what you are trying to say, cougar attacks are very very rare, even out west where they are common. Percentage wise they are no higher than bear or other animal attacks, including dogs;. DEEP rumors have floated around for quite some years, not really sure what to believe there.

    • Chris Jones

      BTW no one needs to be worried about being mauled by a Cougar. Just as long as you respect their privacy and the game population remains high as it is right now in 2014 you have nothing to worry about. In the coming spring just be careful not to startle them and their cubs. You always make noise while hiking to let the bears and other large predators know you are there. Cougars will not try and take down a human that is looking at them and appears bigger than them. So raise your arms to look bigger. But don’t try and scare them as just watch your own cat if you try that. The best weapon is a large stick to hold them at bay if they do decide to pounce. They will go for the neck first to suffocate you. They will use their back paws to gut you. But trust me they will not be doing this as there is too much easier game to eat. I just got lucky mine was full…

      With bears just fall down and curl up in the fetal position as they do not eat carrion (apparent dead stuff). Don’t try and look bigger or even move. Freeze until they are gone. Train your dog to heel and shut up as the bear wont like him yapping and trying to attack him/her. And don’t act like the moron in Farmington Reservoir that shot at a bear with a 9mm pistol. A small caliber gun like that will only piss them off if you manage to hit them. Same goes for a Cougar. Don’t shoot at them. It wont work unless you have a hunting rifle. And then that may be illegal too.

      • weather01089

        Very good advice here for anyone encountering a cougar. A guy on an ATV shot at a bear with a 9mm also a few years ago, and it charged. Fortunately the ATV was faster.

      • smitty

        Shouldn’t be able to charge you for shooting an extinct animal !!

      • Nck

        Chris..bears DO eat carrion…..and lying down is the WORSE thing yo do if u meet up with a bear in connecticut, since that strategy is for grizzlys, not blacks…and it’s NOT the correct strategy in all grizzly cases either.

  48. Lin Kalos

    I saw a mountain lion/cougar crossing route 5 in South Windsor this morning approximately 7:30am. Light tan.

  49. Deborah Cassella

    Just some information for you. I work in Chester, CT. A co-worker of mine who travels from Bozrah, CT told me that while she traveled to work through Moodus/East Haddam this morning on Route 149 a Mountain Lion jumped from the rocks on one side of the road and crossed to the river. It also turned around and hissed at her as she drove by. I believe this was around the Creek Row area again where one was sighted a couple a years ago. She said its tail appeared to be not as long as it is supposed to be but may have been injured and healed. She said it was definitely not a Bobcat.

  50. Sharon Primerano

    This is very interesting because the cougar network has listed a class 1 confirmation in Connecticut when one was hit by a car in Milford. One thing people have to understand is that to present this as a cougar that traveled into Connecticut, that is making it’s home there. DNA testing will confirm that the cat did not have the same DNA of an eastern cougar. DNA shows genetic markings just like finding out the DNA of a family member of a human, the same thing can be done for animals. The cougars are endangered and animals will trek long distances for food or their own habitat. All of the possibilities of a pet escaping or a lion traveling long distances are true, but now that they are here they should be studied and protected.

  51. Joe

    I’m from Columbia County, NY – just NW of CT – and I can tell you there have been numerous sightings here. The interesting thing about this is I am beginning to think they may never have left the northeast – as I have been reading some old newspapers on microfilm from Columbia County – and there are a fair number of articles reporting on cougar sightings throughout the 1940-50s on the NY/MA border area… a couple even describing people seeing huge black cats. And interestingly enough, I know someone from the same area who once told me a huge black cat jumped in front of their car – crossing the road in one leap sometime in the late 90s!! And I totally believe them… all this is some fascinating stuff, indeed…

    • John Lutz

      A large majority of today’s native, wild, free-roaming big cats are offspring of 18th century cougars-mountain lions who prowled our eastern woodlands and forests, a century ago. If interested in factual data on past documented reports, contact Eastern Puma Research Network at

  52. Nancy

    Observed a large dark Bobcat cross Paradise Ave in Hamden today at @2:45pm, in a heavily wooded area.

  53. Eric Fuller

    My mother, brother and myself saw a mountain lion crossing in front of us traveling northbound on Route 32 in the Eagleville part of Mansfield, just before crossing into South Willington around 11 a.m. on 6/24/14.

  54. Karen belotti

    I know a hunters ambulance met who has seen a mountain on more than one occasion in Fairfield county

  55. Marian Grenier

    I saw a Mountain lion in the field by my horse barn in June of 2014. The barn is located in South Kingstown RI. I contacted DEM immediately. They came out and looked around and tried to discredit my account by saying it was probably a bobcat. I wish I had gotten a picture of this beautiful animal with a tail as long as it’s body (obviously NOT a bobcat). A few weeks later a friend fly fishing saw one in Exeter RI and yesterday one was spotted again in South Kingstown.

  56. john hychko

    I saw a mountain lion on friday night (7/25/14) around 5:15 pm running across the exit ramp on I 84 in cheshire. The cat was very big, dark brow/tan and appeared to have either dark or black spots on it. It was the size of a large dog, but with what looked to me to be a much more powerful build. It was beautiful. I could not believe my eyes. It leaped across the 2 lane exit ramp in 3 bounds and ran into a grass area on the other side.

    • Mike D'Elia

      Finished speaking to my daughter who lives in Avon CT. She was driving her car at night and told me “dad, I saw this big cat with a long tail cross the street, it was as big her dog (collie). I didn’t think much of it until I checked out google to see if there are any mountain lions in ct. To my surprise it seems like there are. Wow!

      • Tim Kaiser

        I encountered a mountain lion at 5 AM on July 31 2014 in Southbury Ct. I rounded the corner, and there, 20 feet in front of me, was a mountain lion. I called DEEP and they informed me that a farmer had complained about a mountain lion attacking his animals. It must be the same one. She (or he) was about mid thigh height at the shoulder with a long tail. I was close enough where it growled at me and bushed out its tail before walking slowly away. I have nothing but respect for these magnificent animals, but damn, I was lucky.

  57. Guy Rogers

    Just saw a bobcat this morning (16 August 2014) on a rocky ledge off Minortown Road in Roxbury. Very self-assured animal and in no hurry to run off. We were probably 20 feet from the cat. Probably about 3 feet long, and lanky. Moved like a predator.

  58. Kristen Finnemore

    About 8 PM, a young big cat crossed the road in front of me. Not full grown, and definitely not a dog. It still had rings on its tail but taller than knee height. It kept moving (my car doesn’t make a lot of noise) without taking notice of me. Location was at the west end of Rocky Hill Road a few hundred feet from Perrin Road intersection.

  59. John Neilan

    On Sunday night, 8/24/14, abt 8:30 my wife and I were doing our walk thru our community in Niantic, Ct when we heard a loud sound of something hitting the ground in the woods on the other side of the road. We both stopped instantly to hear something running thru the side of the road woods. About 25 feet in front of us this animal came out of the woods and ran along the road next to a house at full speed. About 100 feet in front it turned right, near a street light, and ran into the woods on the opposite side. When it turned right I got a perfect view of the small head, large body and long tail. Its color was that tan shade, which was nothing like the coyotes I have seen in my yard. This thing was big and fast. I called the State Wildlife Division on Monday to report and have not gotten a call back.

  60. Marie Mac Dermid

    In our neighborhood we have sightings: Sept. 7, 2014 a young lion seen on east side of #400 Harwinton Ave, Plymouth. Sept. 9, 2014, 2 pet cats missing, lion seen east side of Harwinton Ave; scat and female ‘nesting’ area seen here. These were reported to Sessions Woods, in person, Sept. 13, 2014.
    Sept. 15, 2014 lion sighted on Jan Court, off S. Eagle St, Terryville. Heavy deer population in this wooded area.

  61. Marie Mac Dermid

    We asked Sessions Woods to visit the sites on Harwinton Ave, Plymouth and examine the scat.
    We were told that they will only investigate if we have a photo of the animal, not the scat. We don’t usually carry our camera, sorry DEEP, your loss for pertinent evidence.

    • weather01089

      DEEP does not want to confirm a mountain lion. In the future at the least photo the scat with a ruler next to it and submit it to us. Mountain lion scat is pretty unique.

  62. Monica

    At about 3:30 today, I saw what I believe to be a mountain lion as I waited at the end of my road for the school bus. It was solid fawn colored, definitely feline and bigger than my 85lb lab. We are located in Northern Griswold, CT. The coloring was solid (no spots like a bobcat). Is there a difference between a mountain lion and a cougar? or could a bobcat be that large? I could not see the tail because of the way it was standing, but it was only about 50 feet from me, so I had a good look at it while it was watching me from the road.

    • weather01089

      Bobcats can get up to 45-50 lbs for a large adult. The easiest feature to see that distinguishes them is the LONG tail on a cougar. A bobcat tail is at the most 9 inches long. Cougars start at about 85 lbs and get up to 150 lbs for an adult male. Some a bit larger. They are BIG. Bobcats in southern new England often don’t have spots.

  63. Chris Foster

    There is at least one living off of Hunters Crossing in Burlington. I have seen it several times as recently as a week ago. I also saw one chasing a rabbit in the backyard of my old house on Punchbrook in 2010. I also saw one running along the side of Punch Brook in 2012. I am worried about my kids getting off the bus with these very dangerous cats around.

    • weather01089

      They likely have been around quite a while, and are clearly not interested in bothering people. IF they are cougars.

  64. Chris cersosimo

    I opened the back door at my house in Woodbridge. Ct. I lit my cigarette then heard a low growl. Not like my cats. It was low and never went higher like a house cats. I turned on my flashlight on my phone and it was only fifteen our so get away and stopped. The eyes like a big cats. A short tail. Dark yellow. Pointy ears. It was not scared at all. It kept growling at me. I know animals….I lived in Hawaii Maine and Oregon. I know what a mountain lion looks like…this was not that! Forthefirst time i was defenseless and afraid. After around ten seconds out walked slowly of never taking those big yellow eyes from me till it rounded the corner of my house. I went inside a grabbed a bigger light but it was gone… what a experience. Anyone close to Woodbridge see anything?

    • Rick

      You saw a bobcat. Pretty cool!

    • Brian

      I’ve spotted a bobcat twice on acorn hill rd.

    • Christy

      Chris, I used to live near Woodbridge in Westville and I went hiking once in 2004 while it was lightly snowing with my dog on West Rock. We walked the entire paved length of the abandoned road and also walked on a trail in the woods. On my way in, I dropped off a collapsible dog bowl with water by the side of the road (because I thought she might want some on our way out and I didn’t want to waste the water by pouring it out and putting the bowl back in my pack). When I went to retrieve the bowl, I saw what were absolutely mountain lion tracks in the snow near the bowl. Once I noticed them there, I went back and looked at our footprints in the snow and noticed that the tracks were all around my dog’s for quite a ways, almost as if the cat had been following the dog tracks. I never saw the cat, but the shape was not a dog’s, and the size and depth (implying the weight of the animal) were such that they had to be something bigger than a bobcat. I reported it to DEP and was told, “prints were bobcat or a dog, no mountain lions in CT”.

      • weather01089

        Need to get pictures of the prints, with a size reference, and enough evidence to document the location of the prints. Surroundings etc. DEEP is a bit behind the curve and can be safely dismissed.

      • TA

        Live in Columbia CT our cat went missing and we left flyers out. Neighbor called to say the saw a mountain lion in their yard and that their cat as well and another neighbors cat also missing since the sighting. We called DEP they said not mountain lions in CT……

        • weather01089

          DEEP also said 2 young bears were “dangerous”, and needed euthanizing. Dr. Lynn Rogers, recognized expert, says they were only annoying, and not dangerous long term in any case. DEEP is a generic organization that does not have expertise in all subjects. Apparently bears and cougars among them.

  65. Lorna Steele

    Spotted two coyotes today in plain sight in Guilford. They were running in single file through a yard as we were driving up long hill road. Just beautiful crossing over the snowy ground.

  66. Tom Boyle

    I saw a mountain lion today in the woods near my house in Barkhamsted. It was crossing a frozen pond, and I was on the opposite side of the pond checking my trail cameras. It has a long slender tail about 2-3 feet long. I’ve seen bobcat a handful of time in the area, but this is my first mountain lion.

    • Dave Bacon

      February 23rd.2015
      Several people pulled over today along Rt.140 in East Windsor,Ct. to watch what they described to be a mountain lion and quite a large one at that. I’m still waiting and looking to see pictures posted but my information for now us limited to what my co- worker told me she and her son witnessed along with several other drivers at the scene. Light golden brown with no markings and long tail was what she saw on the cat which was only 30 feet from her car just off the road in the woods.

  67. David Hughes

    Spotted one on watwerbury thomaston line near RT262 took a video clip and sopme iphone pics reported sighting to DEP

  68. Sarah Mancini

    Sighting in Southwick MA last night In our yard..we have a picture.

  69. Holly

    Just saw a Mountain Lion in the Nature Preserve on Avery Hill Road in Ledyard, CT. Was about the size of a German Shepard, Tanish-yellowish color with a long tail. Too big for a Bobcat and had a long tail.

  70. Julie megenedy

    I saw a mountain lion right outside my window on some huge boulders right off Route 82 in Norwich. I am in the Briar Hill development. It was quite large with the long tail and kind of grayish. Freaked me out as it was just meandering around.

  71. Danna

    This morning I was heading to work traveling north towards route 8 on Huntington rd in Stratford . A mountain lion crossed from west to east across the street . Directly in front of my car . I stopped dead in the road to let it cross , it walked right up into someones driveway . I got to work and callef the local police I don’t think they believed me but it worries me because it was right near Roosevelt park ….

  72. dan

    09/02/15 – 18:40: Walking on freshly re-made powerline trail that runs along Belle Woods dr to Bush Hill Rd and heard a rustling in a lone cedar 3-4 yards away and when the dogs approached a large cat dropped out from about 3-5 feet up and made a perpendicular bee line into the woods. Almost as tall as the big dog (75 lb labradoodle), skinny, ears flat to head and long tail down between hindquarters. Dogs answered recall. Saw size-able prints in the flat dry crushed roadbed.

    These are exact coordinates from Google Earth, I can see the tree…41.734392, -72.555324

  73. Michael Treadwell

    Are mountain lions the same animal as cougars? Also the Connecticut DEEP claims the only wild cat in Connecticut is the bobcat. Is that true?

  74. mike

    I have been evolved for many years with CT wildlife. There are thousands of trail cameras in the woods on any given day. Where are the pictures of these cats.? I have had many calls, and investigated them. I have set many cameras up. Still to this day no pictures. Until then its hard to say there here.

  75. Mike C

    Definitely saw one yesterday in Monroe, CT. Running across Elm street on Thanksgiving. Think it was a cub as it was smaller but unmistakable. Caught me off guard at 11am.

  76. Elizabeth Adcock

    I saw one tonight in Coventry, CT. Such a beautiful creature. I was almost to route 6 where it heads to willimantic. It ran in front of my car. He/she was too fast. Was not able to get a picture.

  77. Erin

    Our neighbor reports seeing a cougar in his backyard on Greentree Lane in Somers CT this week – twice.
    He reports the animal was 4 feet long with a tail of 4 feet long and estimated the weight at over 140#.

  78. Phyllis

    I was driving on Oronoke Road in Waterbury earlie near land that abuts Hop Brook Park when a very large muscular short haired wild cat came out of the woods and crossed the street right in front of my car staring at me the whole time before running off into the woods on the other side if the road.Msking an assumption from pictures of mountain lions I observed, it looked very similar.

  79. Gwen Hansen

    Sighting today by the fish hatchery in Burlington

  80. Eric

    I saw a mountain loin tonight 2-21-2016 at 1am cross highway 91 right in front of me near exit 45.

  81. Virgil

    Like some of the other comments, I have been skeptical about the widespread presence of Mountain Lions in Ct. However during my commute this morning (3/3/2016) in East Hampton on Route 196 (a mile or so south of Rte 16), around 8am I saw a large cat-like animal cross the road maybe 50 yards ahead of me. About the size of a large dog, black tip on the tail, and looked very powerful…..much larger than a Bobcat. When I got to work I looked up pictures, and it is confirmed. i bet it was a male, it was large. And Wow, it is a beautiful animal!

  82. Kim Goyette

    I saw one chasing a second one on Washington Road near the intersection of Brainerd Road 3-22-16 @ 1:30 AM. I’ve seen coyotes and recently a single wolf, but these two were thicker and the size of a mountain lion. They were running so fast.

    • Kim Goyette

      This was in Enfield. We have woods across the street, so we have seen a lot of animals late at night.

  83. Ray Warren

    spotted adult cat (deer size) on Barlow cemetery rd. a 1/2 mile from eastford center crossed the road 40 – 50 yards ahead of me then slunk over a stone wall where I was now even with it and watched it run into a swampy wooded area,

  84. Patricia Wardwell

    sighting was at 9 a.m. behind TE middle school in S. Windsor at the edge of the orchard and soccer field. Cat stood watching as my small dog ran for a ball. Happy to have a strong recall on my dogs. Once dogs were quickly placed in van cat slowly moved away. Between the big cat and growing coyote population which are very bold I’m ever watchful when dogs are outside.

  85. Anna zancan

    Several years ago we sighted what we are positive was a mount lion crossing Wooster Heights in Danbury. Lots of open space and wooded area by the Danbury Ridgefield line.

  86. Jeffrey Farrell

    I sadly saw one dead on the side of the road 4/23/16. 95 south bound passing lane near mile marker 107.

  87. Tammy

    I have scene a mountain lion twice. Both times in Newtown, Ct on New Lebbon Road. The 1st time was in about August 2009 and again in June 2010. The 1st time it ran in across my driveway upon my arrival at home at night. In June 2010 a mountain lion ran across my path on the road and up a steep rocky formation. It was a large tan cat with a long tail. Glad it never found me as I was trying to open the door to my house in the dark of night!

  88. Melinda umlauf

    I saw a mountain lion in my yard this afternoon.
    I live in Trumbull, Ct
    I called 911 and the person I spoke to said, “yes there are lots of mountain lions in Connecticut.” He said not to worry about it and call ended.

    I am concerned. I have kids and pets.

    • Melinda umlauf

      This happened 5.13.16

    • weather01089

      If it indeed was a mountain lion, or even a bobcat, its best to keep your pets indoors and in sight.
      Neither are a threat to humans any more than any other wild animal.

    • Aimee

      on the FB page for the Pequonnock Trail, someone just posted on 6/20/16 that she saw a mountain lion on the trail during her morning walk. I also saw one in trumbull last year cross main street near lake ave, it was nighttime and it was running so we had no time to get a picture.

  89. Anne Swartout

    Yesterday, May 24,2016 I saw what I called. a cougar walking across my front yard about 15-20 minutes after two deer had travelled the same route and a big crow gave alarm to the rest of the birds. It was a beautiful tawny color with a round cat head, cat ears and a tail about 6 to 8 in going almost straight back with a rounded end. It had the lithesome, muscular gait of the wildcat family. The fur looked soft, but close to the body, no long hair.
    Definitely not a coyote or house at of any kind! I’ve lived here many years and never seen one here or in Ridle field before. He looked a medium size, though much bigger and longer than domestic cats..

  90. D

    Hamden Hume rod. Daughter believes she saw a mountain lion run across road near Bear Path school. The day before my daughters and in laws witnessed a light brown animal run across the yard the. Seconds later saw a large German Shepard in distress after.

  91. Sharon Hardrow

    My neighbors and I have seen and heard a large black cat in their yard drinking water from the pool . In the beginning of July.!!!!!

  92. Brenda

    My friend has a picture of one in her yard. She lives in king st in Bristol. I’m not sure if it’s from this year or last year. There are woods behind her house. She lives on the left side of king st if you’re heading toward route 6. She’s got pictures of bear with cubs as well. I’ve been there while for deer were drinking out of the bird bath, this year.

  93. peter marsten

    friday 7/1 early evening on high bridge road/new lebbon rd in sandy hook a 3ft long body with a matching tail crossed the road into the woods.i was driving and it happened too fast to get the fone out. i am fairly certain it was a mtn lion, waaaaaaay too big to be a domestic.