Mountain lions in Connecticut? – REPUBLICAN-AMERICAN

State says no, but hundreds say they’ve seen them


Kim DaVino-Garcia believes what she saw was a mountain lion. It was early August when a large, tawny-colored cat with a long tail crept into the pasture where she keeps a half-dozen horses off Newcomb Road in Goshen.

She believes what she heard — a piercing shriek in advance of the attack which left a 16-hand quarter horse, Bandit, with deep gouges on its neck and hindquarters.

The state Department of Environmental Protection believes DaVino-Garcia is mistaken — she and approximately 100 people a year who report mountain lion sightings in Connecticut.

Officially, according to the state, mountain lions, also known as catamounts and cougars, have not existed in New England since they were eradicated by hunters and the clear cutting of forests in the mid-1800s. Excited residents nevertheless call in reports every year.


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  1. Priscilla Marvin

    I live in Colchester, Ct. and a few years back we had one sited on McDonald Rd. The state claimed there was non. A year later a hunter was on Rte 85 in the woods hunting and spotted the animal also. Poor thing is looking for a home. At one point a rumor was started that the state put them out to decrease the turkey population. But with out research proof, I can only call it a rumor.


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