Moving to a new host, hopefully will not get hacked again.

Moved site to a new hosting company this week. Over the last few weeks we seem to have been getting hacked every few days. The hack consisted of a string of code added to some of our files, and that code would force mostly Internet Explorer users to redirect to different bad sites. I don’t think the hack was specifically targeted at, but instead was a server breach hurting many sites including ours.

The initial response from the hosting company was that the cause was probably bad code on our site, maybe a vulnerable wordpress plugin. Which didn’t really make sense, as many other sites that didn’t use wordpress were also compromised. In either case no matter what I have tried, nothing seem to have any effect, we got hacked again and again.

So hopefully moving to a new server will do the trick.


  1. Eddie

    Thanks COV . Thanks for all the time and work that you put into this site for everyones benefit.


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