1. Chet

    please post the pics even if they’re distant – would love to see them! thanks~

  2. Hsg

    Well I certainly believe you as I just saw one lynx in Pomfret, CT. Standing in the middle of the road, then went into woods and we watched it there for a bit before it ran off. I took two photos with a cell phone but they didn’t turn out. But definitely canadian lynx. Very cool.

  3. Hsg

    Happy to post my pics but you seriously can’t make it out at all. :o( Such a shame.

  4. fjk

    How does one distinguish a small lynx from a large bobcat?

  5. Hsg

    The canadian lynx and bobcat have a few distinguishing features. The tufts and tails are different. I saw a canadian lynx today which just seems completely odd. I have seen bobcat type lynx before around here and they are pretty common.

    • Mike

      It would great if you can post the pictures , I have a couple of pictures that are very distant of my sighting and need to find a way to circle or zoom on it .

  6. Hsg

    Is it possible to post a pic here in this forum? I have one photo that I circled the lynx in and I can make out the shape. A friend from Canada said she could easily make out the shape too. But still not easy to see I don’t think. Anyway…my last post on this but if anyone wants the photo please let me know.

    • mwjackman

      i just found a way to post the pictures, you need to subscribe to the website , create a new post and upload that way, I just uploaded my pictures from the sighting in November in ridgefield

  7. Vitali

    Please don’t hesitate to email me at v@conyred.com if you need help with posting your pictures

  8. mp

    Absolutely. ….. I had a black Fisher cat in my yard in Danbury near 1200 acre of land….
    also there are Bobcats. ..small ones in Southbury..as well as many black bears


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