1. Bill T

    this aligns very well with the animal we saw in Redding on May 12th. A Cat the size of an adult Labrador Retriever with a tail long enough to touch the ground (too long for a bobcat). I believe Jo Ann D reported seeing the same animal in Ridgefield the next day and another person in Wilton three days later. Redding Animal control officer said several Redding residents reported also seeing and the reports made a clear plot line across town East to West.

  2. Penny

    I saw a mountain lion near exit 10 of 84 at 11:3o pm, December 13, 2011. It was back at the treeline of the land running parallel to the highway, staring out toward the car. It was quite large and its ears were laying back flat against its head
    It was a solid color and appeared to have a broad chest, and dark rims around its eyes.


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