1. Rebecca hudson

    I can’t believe it. I mean, I can and do. I think it’s awesome. And I hope in my lifetime they will make their way to Plymouth, ma! When they do, I’ll buy a pair of night vision binoculars and sit on my porch waiting

  2. Hibah Farrukh

    i saw a mountain lion when i was driving on the road with my friend. i was driving next to the woods in florida(ikr its so awesome to live there) and she said “hey that’s a really big fox” and i said “thats not a fox i think it’s a..a…MOUNTAIN LION!she screamed and i parked at at bthe side and she called the officers for the animal things and they said they already got a report of a mountain lion so they would take care of the problem so i drove by one 🙂

  3. Christine Stack

    Definite sighting in his yard on 9/23 off of Mountain Road in Torrington. Another sighting less than a mile away by a different person. Keep your kids ins!!!

  4. Sarah kofman

    Today I was sitting on my parents in law deck and saw a bobcat chasing a small animal. I am from the west and know what I saw. It was great experience!


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