1. EMS

    I, too, live in Litchfield. My property abuts White Memorial. I called DEP and was told it probably was a bobcat. I know what a bobcat looks like. I’ve seen plenty of them in my backyard. This was a mountain lion. I called White Memorial and they tracked it on their map. Obviously, they are aware of the existence of mountain lions in our area.

  2. Margi

    I was driving down South Lake Road in Litchfield, CT heading toward Morris in the White Memorial Foundation wildlife preserve around 10:40pm when I encountered a large cougar in middle of the road. I had to swerve around it and it just paused its path toward the woods while I drove by. This is a residential road, however, it backs to woodlands and the beginning of the wildlife preserve. I saw that there have been similar reports in this exact area so I have no doubt that I saw the same cat or a relative of the cat(s) that other people have seen here. It was very cool and I only wish that I had stopped to observe it longer or take a picture.


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