1. Chris

    Since moving to Eastford in 2006 I have made it a habit to explore the state forest probaly better than most people that have been here there whole lies.Are there mountain lions here?Yes.Have I seen one?Yes.Also several bears living in the state forest.Great little town to live in.

    • Shanna O' Sullivan

      Interesting. I have heard similar and also live in Eastford, and hike regularly in the woods. I was wondering how far out in the forest.. and Natchaug, Nipmuk, etc did you see them? I hike alone and was planning on camping out there this summer.

      • T. Double

        I also hike, sometimes solo near Yale Myer Forest. My neighbors just informed me that dead deer carcasses have been spotted in the trees and they think it might be the work of a mountain lion. Additionally this past week a black bear was responsible for “messing” with my neighbor’s bird feeders. With the exception of once stumbling upon a very young fawn, I’ve never had any close encounters with potentially dangerous animals. I thinking twice now with all these reports circulating before venturing forth on anymore long distance hikes.

    • Jake

      I live on the Eastford / Woodstock line. I heard several moose calling to each other in my yard at dusk back in December 2015. I’v seen coyotes the size of german shepherds in my yard also. And I have seen a large black cat in windham near the end of the Rt 6 expressway a few years back.

  2. Donna

    I also saw a mountain lion near Dr Danenhowers at 1030 at night in March 2015 on a Wednesday. The Sunday before he spotted in daylight at Pomfret school.

    • Tom

      I used to live near the woodstock airport I know of 7 different people that have seen a german shepherd size cats with a long tail moving through the edges of the fields in the area. There is a corridor of conservation land that runs all the way back to the West Thompson dam in that area and is run by private conservation groups. People have said that the groups have released cougars brought in from other areas of the country. Just a rumor, but would explain the factual presence of a N Dakota cat that was killed in the western part of the state.

      • Dustin

        Correction: the cougar that was hit on the Merritt Parkway in Milford in summer 2011 came from SOUTH Dakota, not North Dakota.


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