1. Natalie

    Hey John,

    I saw one myself about 2 weeks ago down here in Bridgeport not far from the Trumbull line. I was about to go running in Veteran’s Memorial Park on N.Park Ave, when one ran through the woods in front of me! I thought it was a dog at first, but then took a closer look (it was about 100 ft.) from me and realized it was a Mt Lion!! I freaked out and ran out of the woods. But it had that tan -reddish color and I also thought it was a Lab Retriever at first too because of the size, but then saw the tail. Pretty scary. If I hadn’t been alone, I would have tracked it. Hope you guys stay safe up in Newtown!

  2. Denise

    I saw one just the other day in my front yard. It was just before dawn. I do have a yellow lab and it was just a bit smaller than her. I was a large cat. Looked like a small female lion.

  3. Newtown

    I saw one run across Eden Hill Road n Newtown, in front of me, while I was driving. It was about 8:00 pm, June 29, which means “complete daylight”, not darkness. It was big enough to jump from the yellow line, and with such amazing ease, soar, long rope-like tail straight out behind it, over half the road, the ground where mailboxes and telephone poles are, and the stone wall, to disappear into the overgrown field. That area on the wall is the only spot that is clear of vines, obviously a well-used trail. One can see the trail on the other side. Deer often use it…

  4. South Newtown

    Same area John is referring to…I’m on a wooded property in the triangle between Hundred Acres/Aunt Park Lane/Hattertown Road: In March of this year I was in my back yard when movement some distance out in the woods made me do a double-take. In the first couple of seconds I assumed what caught my attention would be a deer, but the color was much more golden/yellow. This was a large, long body moving slowly and very low to the ground in a stalking, slinking motion. Its belly was almost flush with the ground and as I watched it cross over a stone wall, a very long tail became visible. This was before any of the trees filled in, allowing for a clear view into the woods. I saw this feline figure move in that same creeping motion for maybe 15-30 seconds and then it just sort of disappeared and blended into the forest floor. It was coming from the direction of Aunt Park and moving toward Hattertown, approaching a creek. It was a fascinating sight! I’ve never seen a bobcat or a mountain lion, but when I googled pictures of both I was convinced that what I saw was far too large to be a bobcat. This animal’s tail was noteworthy and it just had a strikingly solid-colored silhouette.


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