1. wildlife fan

    Today, September 2nd, 2010 i saw the same animal crossing Wolfpit Road, from the reservoir around 5 pm. The description is exactly what i saw, and i noticed the animal had no tail, or a very short one. I have seen many bobcats up close in Arizona and all were spotted. The Wilton animal was as described, a rich brown color. I would estimate 40-45 lbs and very muscular.

    • Steve Colley

      Thanks for the additional info, and sighting information! That is an area in CT that does not seem to get many sightings, so your experience gives this a little more weight.

      Based on your estimates, I may have overestimated the size of the animal, but it barely matters. 45 lbs is a big cat! And did it appear to be a juvenile to you?

      Likewise, I’m quite curious about the tail. On one hand, that would seem “proof” that it’s no mountain lion cub, having no long tail in evidence. But on the other hand, its bulk, muscular build, and short, dense, tawny coat seems to leave no other option. It’s a contradiction.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Julie Stevenson

    Wow! I was just in a big field behind my yard in the Wilton/New Canaan/Norwalk corner off of Belden Hill and it seems I saw this exact animal. Its tail seemed short had a dark tip and I thought it was too big for a cat, too stocky and big for a fox or a coyote..What is it?

  3. Barbara Davis

    I saw something in July in Storrs/Mansfield. My husband and I were driving east on Route 275 at approximately 5pm. It ran across the road in front of us. We were shocked and I don’t know what it was. It looked to be about 45 lbs. thin, but about the height of my Siberian Husky (about 22-23″ high).

    The cat was a darker brown with spots that were black with a lighter brown in them. It had the short tail, though. I initially thought it was a bobcat, but I was told it was too tall to be a bobcat. The face and ears were cougar looking, with the trademark black line around the nose and eyes. I don’t know, maybe a hybrid of some sort?? I was thinking an adolescent cat. Any ideas?

  4. Matt Tower

    About 4 miles north of Wilton in Redding, three of us saw a large cat yesterday. about the size of our Labrador retriever, grayish tan in color with no spots. large rope like tail, but not long enough to touch the ground. hind legs were not longer than its front legs…level stalking gait like a domestic cat. Happened to see a bobcat about a month ago, and yesterday’s animal was very different in both size and gait.

  5. Don Allen

    Have had multiple encounters with a Bobcat on my property on Cannon Road in Wilton, CT

  6. Spoonwood

    I saw what I thought was a bobcat on my property in Wilton on Spoonwood. Looked to be about 40 pounds and was not very afraid of me presence. I guess I have to keep a closer watch when I let my little dog out of the house.

  7. David

    Glad I found this sight. I saw exactly as described above yesterday (9/28/12) around 3:30pm in Wilton CT. I was making deliveries, when the feline ran it front to cross the road with a squirrel in its mouth. I’ve only been up in this area about 5-6 times. The squirrel allowed me to get a good sense of its size. I was surprised by how small it was, as I had no idea how small or large Lynx or Bobcats were. I was very muscular with short, golden hair (not like anything ive seen or the internet).. I would say it body resembled a pitbulls muscular body and hair… except it had a flat feline face. I’d also say the animal was apprx 40 lbs. Unfortunately I (or others that witnessed) didnt get a chance to snap a pic.

    the pic I found that resembles the animal the most was from this site on this link below


    • Steve Colley

      That link has a pic of the animal I saw. Or one that looks just like it!

      There’s no way that’s a bobcat. No markings. And short fir. And look at the shape of the head.

      Granted, once again it’s hard to see if there is a tail. However, in one of the shots it appears to have a black spot poking out behind one if the joints on the left rear leg. It’s as if it has a long tail, but is carrying it low, curled down behind it, with just the little black tip exposed.

      IMO that’s no bobcat. More like a small mountain lion. But I’m certainly no expert.

  8. alexis

    wow ive never seen one before


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