1. Kd999

    I SWEAR I just saw a mt lion on the Enfield / somers border! Right by the prisons something jumped out in front of my car and stopped on the side of the road. Tall and muscular sandy color long tail , I swear it was not a bob cat and definitely not a coyote like everyone is saying it was !!! Maybe this the same !!!!!

  2. somersguy

    There was a story of a lion seen from close range by a hunter in the Somers/Staffordarea of the state forest in the Journal Inquirer years ago. About 3 years ago a lion was seen on the soccer field by the Somers school complex by several people and a public announcement was made urging caution in the area. A couple of years ago multiple people spotted a lion on Four Bridges Rd. in Somers in a field. These sightings were publicized but sightings by Somers residents have been popping up for 15-20 years on a regular basis. I personally spoke to a Stafford man in 1997-98 that claimed a big tan cat, “as big as his lab or bigger” lived behind his house and that he and and has family had seen it several times. I asked him if it had a short tail and greyish, brownish hair with some spots etc. he said “NO, ITS ALL TAN AND HAS A REALLY LONG TAIL, IT MUST BE A BOBCAT” I told him, that’s no bobcat. He was clueless as to what he was seeing. I don’t think there is a ton of these animals in CT but it sure seems like there must be at least a large handful.

  3. Jane Cyr

    Friday after noon i was driving down Elm street over by the DMV and a Mountain Lion darted across the road and into a wooded area. I was so shocked. I was wondering if anyone else has seen one in the area. My husband told me that the somers prison has on camera a mountain lion killing a deer. Wonder if this is the same one that I saw.

  4. Kim

    Aug 2016 I live on Denison rd in somers…saw,a Mt lion about 6 yrs,ago dep…told me no big cats here….hmm last Sunday night I saw a Mt lion in my back yard by the time I could figure ograbbed my phone to take a pic he was gone…..we usually here coyotes and all summer have not heard or seen any…I’m sure with a big cat in area their not….didn’t bother calling dep this time they just deny it…..

    • Donna

      My husband saw it again the day before. It set off our motion light in our backyard and walked thru the yard. We are located on the border of Somers and Hamden MA. Now we will not go out at night any longer. 🙁


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