1. Bill

    That sounds like you know what your talking about and your an avid outdoorsman………………..but do you really have cat scat in your fridge? I’m looking for proof of cougars, specifically what I call the route 66 Cougar but that is dedication man……………….

    • Bill Kautsky

      Yes I do have scat in my fridge, still haven’t heard from DEEP. This is the only proof I have.
      I have about 12 photos of where I found it. I’d be happy to forward any of the photos to you. Just ell me where to send them

      • Bill

        I believe you, there couldn’t be this many sightings without them being here. I don’t think you will hear from the DEEP. They are not even mentioning the Preston roadkill…… Let me ask you this, from the way you saw it swim, do you think it was comfortable in the river and do you think it could swim the Ct River?……..There is no way I would have scat in my fridge, but my girlfriend thinks I’m a wuss. I hope at least its in the freezer.

  2. Maria Andrews

    You will NOT hear from the DEEP about this. There is a cover up about all of this going on. Freeze the scat or I wouldn’t want to look at it in a few weeks with all the mold on it.

  3. chhi

    Please post pictures if you have them as you have stated above.


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