1. Denise

    On September 7, 2011 I saw a cougar. I live on the border of East Hampton and Colchester and East Haddam. It was around 6am. on a cloudy morning just around dawn. It walk gracefully across my neighbors driveway, paused and looked before crossing the road. I got a good look at the animal. It was very graceful and taking it’s time. To me it looked like a minature female lion. It crossed the road and came into my front yard before disappearing into the wooded area. It’s kind of scary that they are roaming around neighborhoods in CT. I have seen fox, coyotes, now a cougar. It had a smooth fur coat, not rough like the coyotes. I hope that it’s long gone now.

    • Matt P

      Denise, what road were you on? I live in Iowa now. But we our yard used to be the East Haddam-Colchester border over on Westchester Road, aka “Rt. 149”.

  2. Eilleen W.

    The first week of August I was in the same area and know what I saw too. They say they don’t stick around in an area. Hmmm. I believe they have large territories. I want t-shirts for all of us who have seen them. I will never ever forget what me and my 2 boys saw. Thanks for sharing.

    • KerreyLynn

      Eileen, Denise, et all……
      Did y’all here about the animal control officer in East Haddam who also saw a mountain lion in East Haddam? It was on NPR a few days ago, 89.9 or 89.1. My hubby heard the story on his way to school last Thursday….I like the Tshirt idea, Eileen….something like “I know what I saw.” on the front and a mountain lion silhouette on the back. Also, I know that the governments (both state and federal) say that the eastern mountain lion is extinct, but the one killed in Milford was proven to have migrated here from South Dakota, so who is to say that others have not followed in that one’s path? Or that others didn’t come with that one? Felines have such a heightened sense of smell, so perhaps they followed the scent and are back in the area. Also, it is not unheard of for a species thought to be extinct to pop back into existence, with alterations in the DNA, making them not the same exact animal that sadly left this earth, but a relative….

      Here are some links you can check out. If you know of any more we should check out, please post them. Thanks!




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