Rumor – mt. lion crossing Allgrove school entrance

The following was sent to all East Granby School System email users yesterday. –


Just a quick FYI…….. a mountain lion was seen crossing the driveway at the entrance to Allgrove school late Friday evening. All administrators have been notified to exercise caution.

We will call Allgrove school and see what’s going on.


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  1. nck

    Since the comments are closed in that posting, I will post this question here. Exactly WHERE are the great pictures of the mountain lion in Sharon, CT that Brian Jones said his friend emailed to him?? He said he would post these pics and………………………………a big fat NADA.

    See, this is why, people who are leaning towards believing these so called sightings are doing an about face and saying its all balony. All these UNMISTAKABLE sightings, all these posts about “I know they are here” and EVERY SINGLE TIME someone has a supposed picture, its a picture of a dog, a bobcat, a cerval, or the pictures are NEVER EVER posted.

    No scat, no hair, no pics, few if any HUNTERS, I find it hard to believe that HUNDREDS of people are full of it, and I would love to have these cats back here, but I can’t blame those who deny all this for doing what they do. Especially after being told about the DEP “conspiracy”

    So, again, does anyone know what became of those Sharon pictures? Thanks.


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