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Having personally seen tracks of what I believe to be a Mountain Lion at both my home in Barkhamsted and my parents home in Simsbury, I believe Bo. I own a large German Sheppard and the tracks I’ve seen in the snow are much larger than my dog’s prints. Apparently I am not the only one who believes Bo. In an earlier article written by Bridget Ruthman there are 72 comments, the majority of which claim Mountain Lion sightings within the state. Several other websites are devoted to the subject and have numerous credible claims of sightings. Two of the sites; NorthEast Cougar and New England Mountain Lion Bulletin Board allow users to report Mountain Lion sightings.

Ottman believes that the Connecticut DEP is reluctant to admit that Mountain Lions exist in the State due to the cost associated with protecting an endangered species and the amount of land and other measures that would be required. The DEP denies this claim and says that there simply have not been any confirmed sightings.

With the increase of wildlife populations in recent years including Bear, Bobcat, Coyotes and others, it is conceivable that Mountain Lions are among them. Attached to the bottom of this post is a PDF file with descriptions, drawings and other Mountain Lion information. Please report any sightings to Bo Ottmann and keep your camera handy, you never know when your path may cross that of Connecticut’s most elusive resident.

Richard English


  1. Rosemarie Symula

    I believe I saw a mountain lion/cougar on Fuller Road in Albany, NY. The cat was headed toward the area called Six Mile waterworks. It was dark and the traffic light had just turned to green so I couldn’t stop and really get a detailed look but the color and shape looked like ones I have seen pictures of on line.

  2. Matthew Saunders

    I have had two encounters with cougars in the Valley. When I was in high school, I was driving over the bridge from Bloomfield into East Granby over the Farmington River when my buddy and I clearly saw a mountain lion on the side of the road running near the tree line. We were in disbelief and thought that it was an escaped pet or something because back then in 2003 nobody thought cougars were living here. Then in 2008, when I was working in Bloomfield, I had yet another encounter with a mountain lion. I was on a road off of Cottage Grove that was a short cut along some train tracks. The cougar walked right in front of my car and stood and looked at me. While I looked for my phone to take a picture, it jumped over the tracks and went off into the woods. I called the DEP and they said it must have been a Coyote. I was born at night but not last night… I know that they have a population brewing and If I was going to locate them, I would look somewhere in between the Metocomet Hills from the Hueblein Tower in Simsbury all the way to Newgate Prison in East Granby. They are there…

  3. Andria Fitzgerald

    I saw an adult cougar in the woods in Griswald, Ct. I was on my way to my sons house and 2 big deer crossed the road and the cougar was right behind them. I was shocked! I got to my sons house and looked it up on the computer. It definitely was a cougar! It was a month before the cougar was killed in Milford.

  4. Jill Relahan

    I live in West Woodstock, Ct. I have seen the local mountain lion two times. 2 years ago on County Rd. in Woodstock. He was walking along the side of the road.
    As I approached him (by car) he turned around and the turned sideways to walk across the road to the other side. I got a perfect look at him. How beautiful, with that long tail curling up.
    I saw it again two weeks ago in a field on Bungay Hill Road. He was walking through the field approaching the wooded area beyond the field.

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  6. Irving Raphael

    On July 21 2017 at 6:30PM in Granby Ct. I saw a large black cat running through my back yard into the woods. It was about four feet long and about two feet high. The back end was a foot wide with a long swooping tail .


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