1. David nadolny

    This is nothing new in this area. On sachem rd there are sightings by the Mailman who delivers to this area. Also New road before the new construction

  2. Anne

    I saw something that looked like a mountain lion on Old Farms Road – run over – about July 20th. Anyone else see it? long long tail, lion color and huge catlike body.

  3. Name (required)

    pretty sure i spotted a small mountain lion crossing Hollister dr near Lovely st at about 5:45 tonight. vIt was some type of feline with very small ears

  4. Whit

    A few years back I was driving south on Lovely Street with my mother and wife coming back from Canton, and we saw a large mountain lion and 2 large cubs slowly crossing the street in front of us. All three of us got a good visual as they all slipped into the woods to the side of the house just past the entrance to Farmington Woods. When I told my mom and wife they were mountain lions, they agreed that is what we had seen after we had pulled up pictures on the internet.

    My mom has the exact date that we spotted them because she wrote to a few people the next day only to be completely dismissed. It was probably about 4 years ago. No doubt in mind there had to be at least 4 mountain lions in CT (including the one that fathered the cubs) only a few years back but based on all these posts I will go so far as say that there are dozens.

    My wife just clued me in as to why the DEP categorically denies their existence. Apparently if the State acknowledges they do exist, because of their endangered status, environmental protection/ conservation issues could cause a significant impact to the State economy i.e. certain land would have to protected and would be unable to be developed in the future. I find that plausible.


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