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  1. ray morin

    I lived at the corner of 171 and Bradford corner for 13 years- have seen strange scat in my back yard for about 5 years- thought perhaps –bear–one night about 2 months ago – around October 3rd -about 12 -15
    am heading north on Bradford corner rd. beside the south side ofTom @ Polly Hadens- house a mountain
    lion trotted across the street about 100 feet in front of my truck- I was going slow and I THOUGHT TO MY SELF- WOW- It crossed through a barway into the Hecklers proptery–I drove slow past the barway-
    then decided to coast backward and pull into the space to see a full side view of this great cat about
    75 feet away –it took off like a rocket ship and covered so much ground in about 5 seconds I was astounded – I know what I saw- period- they are here


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