1. Ken Case

    It may have been about the same time frame that I saw a cat on West Chippens Hill Road (near Bristol border).
    Did it have a black tipped tail?

  2. Stephen Parent

    This winter I was cross country skiing in the lake garda area. I usually like to track the animals there; the more notable animals are beaver, bobcat, coyote, deer, bear and a lot of other animals. Anyway sometime in February 2011 I was bushwhacking through a very overgrown trail when I came across a set of tracks that stopped me cold. They were in the same pattern of a bobcat but MUCH larger. Dogs and coyotes lay tracks in different patterns. These tracks were the size of a bear but without the claw marks. The tracks were fresh, clean, and sharp laid that day and no mistaking them. I am never nervous in the woods and that night I was almost shaking. Latter I rationalized that it was a lynx but last week I went to the Boston science museum with my kid. There was a stuffed mountain lion there; it was the 2nd to last eastern mountain lion in the wild, killed in VT some time ago. THE PAWS WERE IDENTICAL


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