1. Michael Parsons

    Is this in the same area of town where one was sighted earlier this year? Pictures of tracks and reported to DEEP, but no definitive answer.

  2. Rick

    Ted, put a game camera out there! It’s pretty cool to go fetch it every couple weeks , hook it to your tv, and see what’s out there! Quite interesting……and maybe you’ll get a pic of this cat!

  3. Erin

    Do you live by the Valley Rd area? A friend of mine that lives near us on Valley- has also seen a mountain lion cross her backyard. She said she knew it was a mountain lion because it was huge and had a really long tail. She mentioned it to me because I live off Valley. In your sighting I see you mention a land trust and wondered if it was the one near valley by benedict hill. I walk there often with my daughters and have been wondering if a large cat would live around there being it is so secluded.

    On a side note, I haven’t seen a mountain Lion but I swear I saw a wolf. My father, husband and I were in my kitchen and my father spotted it first across the pond. It was huge. We’ve had coyote here a bunch over the years and I know what they look like. This one I saw was light in color-gray and white. I’d say the big difference was the long thin legs, coloring and size. All three of us couldn’t believe it. I thought wolves weren’t even in NY again until I did a little research. A farmer killed one in MA recently and the DEEP admit that wolves could be coming from canada into new england. I have noticed our deer sightings have dropped over this last year. Across the pond in our woods- deer used to sleep there esp over the winter. They were not there last year. I made a joke to my sister that maybe we have a large predator in the area- after I heard about the mountain lion and saw what i believe was a wolf- I know why the deer aren’t around my house much!!


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