1. sidney

    I followed this story as well, and as soon as he was reported missing, (he was 44) thought the same thing. On the ridgefield patch sight, someone had documented a sighting at the end of the July, this summer, of seeing a ML cross the road in front of them within 1/2 mile from this mans house. Also, if you recall there was a man that went missing in East Haddam last year and was found in the woods, cause of death hypothermia (he suffered from dimentia) and there was a flurry of sightings within a mile of where he was found in the weeks prior. I hope its just my imagination running away, I would hate to think anyone was capable of such a cover-up.

    • Christiane

      As much as I know Hypothermia is not caused by mountain lions. Some people with dementia loose orientation very quickly. He was probably lost, it was cold and he might not have been dressed for cooler weather. (Some people with dementia have a hard time with this too).
      I am more afraid of posts likes yours causing a mountain lion paranoia….

  2. CML

    There is a typo in your blog. Here is the correct quote, “According to the medical examiner’s office, he had an incised wound to the neck.” Definition of in·cised wound (n-szd)
    A wound characterized by a clean cut, as by a sharp instrument.
    Could no be a Mountain lion attack.


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