1. JoAnn Duncan

    I posted a sigitng in Ridgefield CT on May 14th. Perhaps this is the same animal that we both saw. I am wondering if it could be the same one down in Greenwich this week (that sighting has been substantiated by a photo and footprints) and it traveled that far by now. I know what I saw was not a bobcat because the tail was the most magnificient part and it was quite large and muscular.


    • matt

      Agreed as we saw it near Topstone park on May 12th. Redding Animal Control officer said there were six different sitings that week clearly moving from East to West across the town during the course of the same week. Also there was a siting in Wilton the next week. We see bobcats often and this was twice the size, solid colored, much longer thicker tail, with a much smaller head in relation to body. Front & Rear legs same length with a much leveller smoother gait than a bobcat. We also saw an even larger cat two winters ago.

  2. LL

    I live in Newtown, close to the Redding border. I saw one leap over a stone wall and go into an overgrown field, heading in the direction of Redding, on June 29 this year. Very large cat, long ropey tail, small head for body… see my post in the damned CT site.

  3. Morna Crites-Moore

    I saw one in the mid to late afternoon of July 9, 2011, in my back woods on Gallows Hill Road in Redding. I tried to report it to local police but they just yawned and said I’d seen a bobcat. Ha! That was a mighty impressive tail for a bobcat.


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