1. matt

    Well, we called the Redding Police & wrote the EasternCougar@fws.gov (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service) the prior morning on May 13th about seeing the identical animal just one town over to the East in West Redding (near Route 7).

    January Sightings in Westport, April Sightings in Easton, May Redding/Ridgefield, June Greenwich. Surprized that the DEP can put this together better.

  2. Mary

    This is very old news, but I had just been recalling when the mountain lions had been disturbed during the Rt. 7 expansion in the Danbury/Ridgefield area. I heard in around 2009 or so what was VERY definitely a mountain lion (absolutely no doubt–I researched audio files of various cats and this was NO bobcat sound).


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