1. Dave V

    The only way to convince skeptics is with pictures, pictures, pictures. Doesn’t everyone carry a cell phone? If so, learn to use the camera properly….DV

    • weather01089

      Sightings are usually fleeting, and its hard to get the phone app open and get a pic. Practice it everyone to cut that time down!

  2. russell depetrillo

    I have a pik of the exact same description of a mountain lion in Scituate on sun june 23rd at least 60lbs +

  3. mark dupre

    Mid 80s, on a back rd in nothboro,mass,I saw a mountain lion.It was at the guard railand stopped when I drove by. I looked in my mirror and saw a 4-5 ft long cat with a tail dragging on the ground behind.

  4. allyson

    I saw it too. Early one morning when I was on my way to work. I thought it was my imagination. Glad to have the sighting confirmed


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