1. Marc

    Wow! That must have been intense. Where and when in Millerton on 22 did you actually see this?

  2. Ginger Nielsen-Reid

    Back in around 2004-2006 (I’m guessing-I can’t remember exactly, I’m writing this post in 2017) I saw a magnificent cat in Millerton, NY at the corner of Rudd Pond Road and Shagroy Road, which turns into Belgo Road only a few hundred yards away at the Lakeville, CT boarder. I am also guessing it was about 65-75 lbs. Overall it was brown but had some dark spots along the lower half of its body. It had a brown face with a small black and white muzzle and rounded ears. It had a magnificent long, thick tail that was equally as long as its body length and ended in a black tip. I had just turned the corner so I was driving slowly and stopped as I approached it. It was crossing the road, and it stopped right in front of me and looked straight at me. We stared at each other for a moment and then it continued on into a dirt field access road to my right and turned around and watched me for a second and then walked into the bushes at the side of the road. Recently, someone told me about an old sighting at Rudd Pond – Taconic State Park. He told me about his sighting not knowing that I had seen this cat. We estimated that both our sightings were around the same time period.


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