1. Mike

    There are some similarities to the sighting I reported in 2002. The one I saw had faint spots around the legs, particularly around the hind quarters. I compared the size to an adult female boxer that I knew, which was 70 pounds. Actually, the fur was also similar to the boxer’s in color and lengrh. I later learned that mountain lions are born with spots that fade over time. The one I saw did not look raggedy at all, though. It looked very healthy, lean and muscular, and had perfect fur.
    Was the tail you saw very long and cylindrical, and did it have a black tip?

  2. peejae@att.net

    y to work in Farmington,CT. about 4 years ago just in front of me a bobcat was hit by a car and killed……..he was later said to be a nearly 55 lb male bobcat but i do not know what came of it.

  3. Mike

    Bobcats frequently visit the property where I work in Farmington. You can see a video here.


    I took quite a few photos of a bear on the same wall on Friday. I was outside and it got quite close to me. Someone had put bird seed there, and it wasn’t going to allow me to interfere. I can send pictures if anyone is interested.

    I encountered a mountain lion on Birdseye Road in Farmington 8 years ago when driving home from work. It also allowed me to get quite close when I got out of my car. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I didn’t have a camera at the time.


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